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A yacht or catamaran cruise can bring you lots of pleasant emotions; you will remember this trip as a great adventure. But in order to do everything right, you must prepare for this journey. You should take into account various factors determining the schedule and cost of such a trip. If you have never chartered a boat before, you probably have quite a few questions that require answers. In this article, we will try to answer some of the FAQs on yacht charter.

General FAQs on yacht charter

How to charter a yacht?

So you’ve decided to book a yacht tour. To do this, you have to find a boat tour agency in the region where you want to travel. Then contact its manager and describe what exactly you want to get, and they will prepare an offer for you based on your request.

Or you yourself can try to contact a skipper of a boat you want to sail. But this option is not suitable for beginners, since it is much more complicated to organize. Besides, it requires you to have some knowledge in this area.

After you choose a boat and reserve it, you will have a few days to plan your trip or change your mind. After you pay an advance payment in the amount of 30…50% of the cost of the trip and the yacht is booked, it will be waiting for you in the port, on a certain day ready to sail.

How to choose a boat? Monohull vs catamaran vs motor yacht

This is, of course, an individual issue. The choice of a vessel depends entirely on your wishes and preferences. Here is a short description of catamarans, sailboats, motor yachts, and gullets.

  • Small and medium sailboats are an excellent choice if you prefer the romance of sails and sea wind; they are suitable for both family and the rest of several friends.
  • Gullets – a traditional Turkish vessel, its modern versions use both engine and sails; it is rented only with the entire crew. They are much bigger than a regular sailing yacht and are great for big groups.
  • Catamarans. There are both sailing and motorized versions, they much more stable than an ordinary yacht. With a comparable length, there will be more space on board than on a monohull.
  • Motor yachts – generally comparable to sailboats in terms of capacity and comfort, but they do not depend on the wind so that you can sail in any season.

So, how to choose and charter a yacht. When selecting, answer the following questions:

  • How many people will travel? Sailboats, catamarans, and motorboats are usually intended for small groups of 5-10 people. A gullet is better for larger groups. In any case the description of a vessel indicates the number of cabins and berths.
  • Monohull or catamaran? A catamaran is an excellent choice for those who are less tolerant of seasickness. It is much more stable, catamarans do not tilt more than 5°. Besides, there is much more space both in the cabins and on the deck. Although the price for a catamaran is higher.
  • Sail or a motor? A sail is surely more romantic, but without the wind, your speed will be minimal, so we have seasonality in this case, as for motorboats, they do not have such a drawback. A motor boat costs more + you will have to pay for fuel.

You can find more information on this issue here.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht or catamaran?

Surely, “how much does it cost to charter a yacht” is a crucial question. Let’s face it, this is not a cheap pleasure. The price depends on the type of ship and the time of the charter. Typically, yacht tour providers offer two options: one-day tours and weekly tours. The other options are ordered individually. You can rent a yacht for a specific event.

For example, for your party, and the cost will be based on what you want to get. Naturally, a smaller vessel will cost you less, motorboats will cost more than sailing ones. Plus you have to pay for fuel, catamarans will cost more as they are bigger. Another factor affecting the cost is the location of your tour.

Thus, the price of a yacht

Thus, the price of a yacht tour in the Mediterranean Sea near Turkey is lower than that in the Maldives or Seychelles. In order for you to estimate the average costs, here are some examples.

The cost of a single day tour on this motor yacht in Turkey is 800 EUR (minimum), the price of a week tour on this sailing yacht in Montenegro is 2,500 EUR (minimum).

Specific FAQs on yacht charter

What to do during a cruise?

When you book a yacht, the tour description includes an approximate plan for your trip. Something like this: day 1 – stop at the bay, the free time when you can swim on the beach, or visit a local restaurant… When you are sailing, you can be where you like to be: in the cabin, or on a deck, reading your favorite book, sunbathing, shooting a video, etc. You can also slightly change your route if your skipper agrees to it.

Where to sleep onboard?

Any yacht or catamaran has several cabins where you and your friends can sleep.

What about food onboard?

Your tour description provides the information on your meals on board. There may have a kitchen and refrigerator, and a large table where you can dine. A crew may include a chef so that you can enjoy delicious meals just like in a restaurant.

Is it possible to take alcohol on board?

As a rule, a chart agency will not mind you bringing wine, champagne, or beer. But this should be discussed before starting your cruising.

Is it possible to order a yacht for a corporate party or a party?

Yes, many tour promoters offer such services. A large vessel like a gullet is well suited for this.

What documents are required for a yacht cruise?

You will need documents if you are going to cross the border during your trip. Your organizer will tell you what documents you need. If you steer a vessel yourself, you will need a document confirming the registration of the yacht, a document confirming the customs and tax status, and a transit Log (permission to sail in the waters of a specific country). A skipper must have a passport with a visa, and a skipper license.

Can I steer a yacht myself, or do I need a team?

Just like in a car, you can get the appropriate day skipper license. It allows you to sail in small boats during a day, less than 20 miles offshore. To get it, you should go through 30 hours of training (theory course), and then a course of practical studies.

Hope our FAQs on yacht charter helped you to understand this process better. Hope you will manage to choose the best solution for yourself.

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