Yacht charter in Spain

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Sailing yacht NAUTICUM

3 6 2012 12x4,04

Spain (Ibiza, San Miguel (Tenerife))


Sailing yacht NEREIDA

5 10 2010 15,6x4,6

Spain (Palma Cuarentena, San Miguel (Tenerife))


Sailing yacht ROXANNA

4 8 2015 14,6x4,75

Spain (Palma Cuarentena)


Sailing yacht Bavaria 45 PTITZA

4 8 2011 14x4,35

Spain (Ibiza, San Miguel (Tenerife))


Sailing yacht KISMEE

5 10 2019 14,6x4,5

Spain (Ibiza, San Miguel (Tenerife))


Sailing yacht No Stress

5 10 2019 14,6x4,5

Spain (Ibiza, San Miguel (Tenerife))


Catamaran Eskimo

4 10 2020 11,75x6,76

Spain (San Miguel (Tenerife))


Catamaran Lucky Seven

5 10 2018 11,5x6,53

Spain (Ibiza, San Miguel (Tenerife))

From: $1,890

Catamaran Papaya

4 8 2019 11,75x6,63

Spain (Ibiza, San Miguel (Tenerife))


Catamaran Aquila

4 8 2019 11,75x6,63

Spain (Palma Cuarentena)


Sailing boat Oceanis Yacht 62

3 8 2017 19,07x5,33

Spain (Palma de Mallorca)

On request

Sailing yacht Yess Boss

4 10 2020 14,6x4,5

Spain (Ibiza, San Miguel (Tenerife))


Yachting in Spain

Spain is home to great sailors such as Columbus and Cortez. It can be considered the birthplace of yachting, because the love of sailing is in their blood.

Spain is rich in various attractions for every taste, and besides, it has a well-developed infrastructure for sea tourism, so yacht charter in Spain is a popular way to spend leisure and travel.

Another undoubted advantage of yachting in Spain is the favorable climate.

Yes, there is a high season here - from July to September, but in spring and autumn you can also get a lot of pleasure from a sea cruise, and at the same time save money (prices will be 30-50% lower compared to the high season.)

Features of yachting in Spain

If you ask what exactly attracts yachting lovers to the country, then we can highlight the following advantages:

  • Favorable climate for most of the year;
  • Stable wind, which is conducive to sailing;
  • A large number of beaches, bays, bays and other natural places that attract boaters;
  • Modern developed infrastructure, a sufficient number of marinas and ports;
  • The area rich in historical and natural sights;
  • Hospitable and cordial Spaniards.

It should be noted that the popularity of yacht charter in Spain is also promoted by the fact that yachting is rapidly gaining momentum among the Spaniards themselves.

Over the past 20 years, the number of ships has doubled, almost reaching the 300 thousand mark!

All this is supported and supported by a powerful social movement, including various yacht clubs. Here you can not only refuel without any problems, or replenish provisions, but even repair the ship in an emergency at one of the many yacht service stations. There is even a special “hotel” for yachts. In short,

Spain is a country of yachtsmen.

Main routes for those looking to charter a yacht in Spain

Here in Spain, there are over a hundred places you can go by renting a yacht. All of them can be combined into 4 main areas:

  • Balearic Islands. It is a group of hundreds of small and large islets located in the Mediterranean Sea, east of Barcelona. There are four main islands here: Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera, plus the Pitius archipelago and a bunch of small islets around them. This region is the heart of Spain's yachting. Here are the best service centers and marinas in the country. Here, on the Balearics, there is entertainment for every taste, from a quiet holiday on the beach, to noisy discos in Ibiza, as well as original cuisine and a unique atmosphere. So yacht rental is in great demand here.
  • Gibraltar. Gibraltar is the gateway to the Atlantic. According to legend, behind the “Pillars of Hercules” (according to one version, this is exactly Gibraltar) is the legendary Atlantis! Gibraltar is very popular among yachting lovers, the wind always blows here, whales and dolphins are found in the waters, and you can also visit several countries at once in a short period of time: Spain, Gibraltar (belongs to Great Britain) and Morocco. Here Europe and Africa converge, and in the place of their contact you will see a lot of interesting things.
  • The Canaries, or the Canary Islands, is a small archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean located west of Morocco. The main islands are Gran Canaria, Fuertevenutra, Hierro and Tenerife. The Canaries are rightfully considered a paradise for yachtsmen, because it is warmer than in other regions of Spain, it almost never rains and hurricanes, and there is simply incredible nature and an amazing atmosphere for relaxation and recreation.
  • Northern coastal zone. The Bay of Biscay, or Spain's Northern Coastal Zone, is a very popular route. There are many places in this region rich in historical monuments and natural wonders that are definitely worth a visit. Unlike the Canaries, it often storms and rains, but this is not a problem if you come here during the high season between April and November. The Bay of Biscay is the most popular yacht charter destination in Spain.

In Spain, not only yachting and sea tourism thrives, the country is very popular among fans of surfing, kayaking and rafting, and sea fishing and diving also flourish here, mainly in the Atlantic Ocean.

Our company is a team of sea sports, recreation and swimming enthusiasts who want to show their customers the amazing sea world.

The number of the company's clients is increasing every season, and they leave only positive feedback about their trips.

Want to take a yacht trip? Fulfill this dream now, yacht charter is available to everyone!

Why rent a yacht from Sparks Life Worldwide:

  • Certified Boat Lessor;
  • Great yacht charter experience;
  • Schemes for working with partners around the world have been established;
  • Work only with reliable and trusted partners;
  • Prompt search for information and organization of yacht charter;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Only modern yachts in excellent condition;
  • Guaranteed security.

To book a yacht charter today, contact our consultants. We will help make your dreams come true and organize a great vacation quickly and efficiently.

Frequently asked questions about yacht charter


All boats rented by charter companies are insured, however you and all team members will need to take out travel medical insurance (for active sports).

We offer sailing yachts, catamarans, motor yachts, luxury yachts and gulets.

Sailing yachts offer the best sailing, sporty and romantic experience at the lowest prices.

Catamarans provide the greatest space, a lot of comfort and respectable sailing. They are also ideal for families with children or large groups.

Motor boats provide speed and power so you can visit more islands and cities and leave more time for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and relaxation.

Luxury yachts provide all the benefits of a 5-star hotel, but at the same time offer the opportunity to sail from one destination to another and in privacy.

Gulets are the best option for a large company.

The contract with the company spells out the terms of return at certain points in time.

Almost never, the entire amount is not returned, as a rule, the company can withhold 10% of the amount if you refuse more than six months before the departure date, then the amount decreases as the departure date approaches.

If you entrust the rental issue to us, there will be no difficulties for you, we will take care of all organizational issues.

If you decide to start organizing yourself, you will have much more risks.

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