Yacht tour Seychelles or Tropical Paradise

The Seychelles are unique, have great flora and fauna. Because of this, the trip “Seychelles Yacht Tour” here will bring a lot of unforgettable emotions.

Yacht tours on these islands have become popular quite recently. But this does not stop the crowds of tourists who want to enjoy the coast and the ocean.

Сейшелы или Тропический рай

Mahe – St. Anna National Park – La Digue – Coconut – Curie – Praslin

Yacht tour price

1790 euro/per person

* all expenses are based on one week per person with a crew of 8 people

The tour price includes:

  • A week of vivid impressions and life on a snow-white catamaran
  • Professional Yacht Skipper
  • Training in practical sailing skills
  • An additional boat with a motor, for landing on islands and beaches
  • Catamaran final cleaning
  • Bed linen and towel set
  • WiFi access
  • Branded T-shirts for each guest
  • Pleasant surprises from “Sparks Life Worldwide”

Additional charge:

  • Air flight to MAE, Seychelles (SEZ Airport)
  • On-board ticket office: groceries, marinas, national park fees, fueling (about 250-300 euros per person per week)
  • Professional Chef (upon request)
  • Health Insurance
  • Refundable security deposit

Tour program

Day 1

Itinerary: Eden Yacht Marina (Mahe isl.) – National Park St. Anna (3 NM 0.3 hours)

On Saturday, the charter company hands over the yacht to start the trip – usually from 16:00 to 17:00. Then there is an acquaintance with the crew and products are purchased. Safety briefing is provided.

It is recommended to arrive a couple of days before departure in order to have time to admire all the beauties of Mahe Island, Creole architecture and local culinary delights. This is the largest island in the archipelago, which is known for its beautiful beaches, Seychelles Morne Park with incredible rainforests and mountain peaks.

After the yacht has been accepted and provisions are loaded, we begin our journey through St. Anne’s National Park, where you can swim in crystal clear waters and enjoy the rich marine life.

Сейшелы или Тропический рай
Сейшелы или Тропический рай

Day 2

Route: National Park St. Anna – North West Bay (Mahe isl.) – Port Lounay
(20 NM 3.5 hours)

At the start of your journey, you can enjoy the idyllic beauty of Mahe Island, which is also famous for its unique nature, as some rare species of orchids are found only on this island.

Next we go to Port Lounay, where you can try snorkeling on the coral reef and walk along the beautiful wide sandy beach.

Port Launay is one of the best beaches on the entire island of Mahe, famous for sprawling palm trees and other vegetation, perfect white sand and a smooth entry into the water. The northern bay is especially popular.

Day 3

Itinerary: Port Lounay – Grananz bay – Bae Lazare (Mahe isl.) (15 NM 2.5 hours)

The journey continues, and we enter Grananz Bay – a calm, quiet place on the island with crystal clear water, through which you can admire the rich variety of marine flora and fauna.

After that, you are greeted by Bae Lazare. This bay is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful in the Seychelles archipelago – unique tropical vegetation, turquoise water, almost constant absence of waves, fine sand, contentment and tranquility.

The bay also offers excellent conditions for snorkeling on the coral reef – you can often find sea urchins and some rare species of marine vegetation in the water.

In addition, in one part of the bay there is Napoleon Inn – a small diving spot, diving into which you can see Napoleon fish.

Сейшелы или Тропический рай
Сейшелы или Тропический рай

Day 4

Itinerary: Bae Lazare (Mahe isl.) – La Dig Marina (La Dig isl.) (15 NM 2.5 hours)

We leave Bae Lazare and continue our journey to La Dig Marina. This is a place with amazingly shaped rocks, among which Mount Nid d’Aigle rises majestically.

Elephant turtles live in the bays of the island – one of the largest turtles on the planet. On the island itself, there are incredible coconut and cinnamon plantations.

The sand on this island has a pink tint, which makes its beaches unusual and beautiful.

All the beaches stretching from Cap Barbi are surrounded by a granite chain, and the surrounding nature truly fascinates with its beauty and diversity.

Day 5

Itinerary: La Dig Marina (La Dig isl.) – Cocos isl. – Corieuse Bay (16 NM 2.6 hours)

After visiting the island of La Dig and enjoying the local beauty, we are approaching the Cocos Islands, famous for their ideal conditions for surfing, diving and luxurious coconut plantations. On the coconut islands you can see the magnificent coastal coral reef and meet tropical butterflies, sea turtles, rare species of birds and bats.

Next we go to Corieuse Bay, one of the bays of Corieuse Island. This is a small island of granite build, famous for its rich marine fauna and mango thickets.

In its bays, you can meet a cone-fronted parrot fish, often reaching 12 meters in size, and also find a whole camp of sea turtles.

Сейшелы или Тропический рай
Сейшелы или Тропический рай

Day 6

Itinerary: Corieuse Bay – Grande Anse – Praslin Marina (Praslin isl.) (16 NM 2.6 hours)

We continue our journey and head towards Grande Anse. This is one of the longest beaches on Praslin Island, one of the most beautiful islands in the Seychelles archipelago. Here are the best conditions for swimming and sea sports.

Praslin Island itself is famous for its amazingly beautiful beaches and rich fauna – you can meet rare birds on the island, in particular, the black parrot and the Seychellois bulbul. Ancient fantastic coral reefs are located off the coast of the island, which invariably attracts divers from all over the world.

Day 7

Itinerary: Praslin Marina – National Park St. Anna ‐ Eden Yacht Marina (Mahe isl.) (26.4 NM 4.4 hours)

Praslin Island, it should be noted that its beaches are also considered the best in the Seychelles archipelago – clean, wide with soft gentle sand. In the bays of the island, so secluded and picturesque, you can indulge in calm rest and meditation.

Next, we return to the National Park of St. Anne, which in general covers 6 small islands of the archipelago. This is a natural marine paradise, where you can get to know the inhabitants by diving directly into its depths.

After passing through the nature reserve, we return to the island of Mahe, to Eden Yacht Marina.

Сейшелы или Тропический рай
Сейшелы или Тропический рай

Day 8

Itinerary: Eden Yacht Marina (Mahe isl.)

In the morning, at 9.00, the delivery of yachts (check-out). Departure to your home airport as scheduled.
If you still have extra time before departure, we recommend exploring the island of Mahe.

In addition to the colossal natural environment, the island of Mahe is also home to the capital of the Seychelles – Victoria. There you can get acquainted with the local architecture, taste delicious traditional Creole cuisine and visit the magnificent Orchid Garden.

There is also a large artisan village on the island, where you can get acquainted with the work of local craftsmen and buy souvenirs. Mahe combines not only unique natural sites, beautiful beaches and great diving sites, but also a disparate cultural heritage.

YACHT: motor-sailing catamaran LAGOON 40/42

Team of professionals

Tolstov Sergii

Tolstov Sergey

  • Great reviews and recommendations only.
  • Attentive to customers inside and out;
  • Infects with positivity, everything is fine, calm and understandable on board the yacht.
  • An excellent playlist has been selected. Individual approach to everyone.
  • In all weather conditions, creates favorable living conditions on board. There is not a single client who was “sick” or felt bad on board. This is a series of measures taken for your Great mood.
  • Most of our clients return for further travel.

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Frequently asked questions about yacht tours

Yes, this option is possible. In this case, you are not booking a ship, but only a separate cabin. If a sufficient minimum number of people is recruited, the tour takes place on the scheduled dates.

All boats rented by charter companies are insured, however you and all team members will need to take out travel medical insurance (for active sports)

You rent the yacht entirely for your group. You decide among yourselves who will be in which cabin. As a rule, the cabins do not differ much from each other in terms of space and comfort. If you are not booking a yacht, but a separate cabin, then you can choose from the options that are available at the moment.

Almost half of all people experience this unpleasant phenomenon to one degree or another, but luckily there are a few simple things that can help you in this situation. Here they are: Seasickness on a yacht, what to do?

The price of the tickets is not included in the price of the tour, you buy the tickets separately. But our experts are ready to help you in this matter. They will advise you how, where and when it is better to do it.

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