Rent a yacht with or without a captain?

Renting a yacht with or without a captain is popular with tourists and allows you to fully enjoy all the beauties of the area. To rent yachts, it is not necessary to have sailing skills. Now you can set off on your own, with your company, or with a captain on board.

As a rule, you can rent a yacht for various events:

  • wedding celebration;
  • birthday;
  • romantic date;
  • cruise

Also, the boat can be rented for extreme sports (such as scuba diving), sightseeing or just relaxing on the water. Traveling on a yacht or catamaran will bring new emotions to your holiday.

Features of renting a yacht

If at first it seems that renting a luxury yacht is very simple and fast, then in the process you will realize that everything is a little more complicated. Firstly, an important condition for the trip is the choice of the upcoming route. Also, it is worth calculating how much time is needed directly to travel on a yacht, and how much to get acquainted with the surroundings. This will give you the opportunity to determine how many liters of fuel you will need, as well as the rental period.

Now the world offers a fairly large range of varieties of yachts. However, all of them can be divided into three main types:

  • motor;
  • sailing yachts;
  • motor-sailing.

If you want to go on a romantic date, then it is better to choose a ship with a sail. But the path of the yacht will depend entirely on the direction and strength of the wind. Motor yachts have several engines, thanks to which the vessel can move at different speeds, which are not affected by the wind at all. But more fuel is required here. And sailing-motor vessels are universal. They have a sail and a motor, and can move in many ways.

Advantages and disadvantages of renting a yacht with a captain

Our charter yacht company offers to rent a vessel with or without a captain. Some tourists prefer to have a skipper on board in order to fully enjoy their vacation and not worry about the movement of the yacht. Consider the advantages of ordering a vessel with a captain:

  • you don’t need an international driving license to sail a yacht;
  • no sailing experience required;
  • the captain will tell you interesting routes, tell you about the sights;
  • often, skippers are quite sociable and easily fit into the company, diluting the atmosphere.

One of the disadvantages of this type of rental is the cost. The captain, of course, takes money for his services. In addition, he needs food, but this is a small expense. It should also be borne in mind that there will be an outsider on the yacht besides you.

Advantages and disadvantages of chartering a yacht without a skipper

Renting a yacht without a captain is an independent cruise without strangers. Now this option is most popular among tourists. You will be able to choose the route of your holiday. You can rent a yacht or a catamaran without a captain through the Sparks Life website in just a few clicks.

Among the advantages of independent travel by ship is that rent is much cheaper. Plus, you choose what to do and where to go.

Among the shortcomings, one can single out a deposit that will have to be left in case of damage to the yacht, as well as the need to have international rights to manage. In addition, when traveling without a captain, you will not be able to see the closed paradise marinas and it is unlikely that you will find wild places that a local professional could show you.

What do we end up with?

Renting a yacht with or without a captain at Sparks Life is the assurance of a comfortable and enjoyable vacation that will remain in your memory for a long time. This is a great opportunity to have a great rest on the sea without any worries. If you want to fully devote yourself to the journey and your company, order a captain on your ship. A professional will steer the yacht to a high standard and give you a tour if you so desire. If you can manage the yacht on your own and have the necessary documents, you can rent a boat without a skipper.

Contact the consultants of our company right now to rent a modern yacht and go on an unforgettable cruise.

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