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Sailing yacht Bavaria Cruiser 46 (2020)

4 8 14x4,35

Greece (Alimos)


Catamaran Lagoon 50

6 10 14,75x8

Greece (Alimos)


Catamaran Bali 4.1 (2019)

6 10 2019 12x6.72

Greece (Kalkara)


Sailing boat Dufour 460 Grand Large (2019)

10 2019 14x4,5

Greece (Kalkara)



6 12 2012 42x8,5

Greece (Alimos)


Catamaran Lagoon 42

4 8 12,80x7,70

Greece (Lavrion)


How to rent a yacht in Greece

Greece is famous for its clean sea, endless beaches, thousands and thousands of large and small islands, and of course its richest history. For thousands of years, Greeks have been sailing on small ships between their islands, each time such a trip gives new emotions and impressions. Renting a yacht in Greece will allow you to touch this wonderful world.

Yachting in Greece can be considered an organic continuation of the thousand-year history of sailing in this country, a continuation of traditions. A vacation on board a yacht is an incomparable pleasure, and if you have never sailed to sea, we recommend that you definitely try it.

And in order to saturate your trip with interesting discoveries, you should go to a place where there are beautiful landscapes, historical and architectural monuments, interesting culture and cuisine, good infrastructure for yachting, and so that the cost of the tour is not sky-high. Greece has it all, so Greece yacht charter is a great choice for those looking to embark on an exciting sea cruise.

Here in Greece there are a lot of interesting places, and if you successfully plan your transitions, you can see as much as possible in a short time. Each island has its own interesting, unique history, and of course there are many beaches, secluded bays, harbors and marinas for ports. If you are a fan of diving, then you will also have something to do, because the local underwater world is rich and diverse, in addition, you can find wrecks of old ships at the bottom, there are plenty of them here, and you can also stumble upon a flooded ancient temple, you will not find this anywhere else in the world.

And, of course, it's worth remembering the richest Greek history. Ancient buildings with traces of different eras can be found almost everywhere. And if you want parties and noisy discos, then there are such options. In short, yacht charter in Greece can be of interest to almost any tourist with any preference for entertainment and recreation.

Those who wish to rent a yacht can either rent it for independent travel, for this you must have an appropriate international skipper certificate, or arrange a yacht charter with a skipper.

The first option is suitable for experienced yachtsmen, and the second is for those who just want to enjoy their vacation in this country, in silence and comfort.

Routes for those wishing to charter a yacht in Greece

So, if you are going on yachting to this country, we recommend that you visit several interesting places:

  • Athens. This is the center of Greek culture. If you've arrived in Greece, your first destination is likely the capital, Athens. There are most of the historical monuments in a small area, and most of the companies offering yacht charter in Greece are located here. From here you can start your journey both short distance and to outlying islands such as Rhodes and Kos. Athens offers as many sailing opportunities as possible.
  • Aegean Sea. There are several archipelagos here, such as the Sporades, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese. There is also a well-developed infrastructure for yachting and you can visit remote corners such as the island of Santorini (according to one version, Santorini is the legendary Atlantis). There are many interesting places to visit here.
  • Nisyros. Nisyros is a small picturesque island with interesting and original flora and stunning landscapes. The civilization failed to get here, so you can enjoy the beauty of the local nature without any problems. The only way to get to the island is by yacht.
  • Symi. Another beautiful small rocky island covered with coniferous forest. The main attraction of Symi is the monastery of the Archangel Michael.
  • Kos. This island is famous for its parks full of exotic flowers and plants.
  • Tilos. On this island is the famous monastery of St. Anthony, which dates back to the 18th century. Elephants were once found here, the remains of which were found in a local cave.

Greece is washed by the Aegean and Ionian seas. The first is rich in historical monuments and natural attractions, more windy and stormy, and the second is calm and quiet, but at the same time there are much fewer interesting places in the Ionian Sea. Many yachting routes run between these two seas.

Yacht charter cost in Greece

Immediately, we note that renting a yacht is not cheap in any country in the world, but Greece is far from the most expensive country.

The minimum tour for a few days on a small sailing yacht will cost at least 300 euros, but this is if you also order the services of a skipper. And if you yourself manage the ship, you will need to shell out at least 130 euros per day.

Another expense item is parking in marinas. In Greece, this is a paid service, for which you will need to pay about 40 euros (small yacht). Alternatively, you can order either a sailboat or a motorboat, and this will also affect the price. These are the main features of these two types of yachts:

Taking into account the above, choosing the optimal route and vessel can be a rather difficult task, and if you do not want to delve into all the intricacies of the process, we recommend that you use the services of our company's consultants. Our experts are well aware of all the features of yachting in Greece, and they will be happy to help you choose the best option for you.

Our company is a team of sea sports, recreation and swimming enthusiasts who want to show their customers the amazing sea world.

The number of the company's clients is increasing every season, and they leave only positive feedback about their trips.

Want to take a yacht trip? Fulfill this dream now, yacht charter is available to everyone!

Why rent a yacht from Sparks Life Worldwide:

  • Certified Boat Lessor;
  • Great yacht charter experience;
  • Schemes for working with partners around the world have been established;
  • Work only with reliable and trusted partners;
  • Prompt search for information and organization of yacht charter;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Only modern yachts in excellent condition;
  • Guaranteed security.

To book a yacht charter today, contact our consultants. We will help make your dreams come true and organize a great vacation quickly and efficiently.

Frequently asked questions about yacht charter


All boats rented by charter companies are insured, however you and all team members will need to take out travel medical insurance (for active sports).

We offer sailing yachts, catamarans, motor yachts, luxury yachts and gulets.

Sailing yachts offer the best sailing, sporty and romantic experience at the lowest prices.

Catamarans provide the greatest space, a lot of comfort and respectable sailing. They are also ideal for families with children or large groups.

Motor boats provide speed and power so you can visit more islands and cities and leave more time for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and relaxation.

Luxury yachts provide all the benefits of a 5-star hotel, but at the same time offer the opportunity to sail from one destination to another and in privacy.

Gulets are the best option for a large company.

The contract with the company spells out the terms of return at certain points in time.

Almost never, the entire amount is not returned, as a rule, the company can withhold 10% of the amount if you refuse more than six months before the departure date, then the amount decreases as the departure date approaches.

If you entrust the rental issue to us, there will be no difficulties for you, we will take care of all organizational issues.

If you decide to start organizing yourself, you will have much more risks.

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