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Yachts and catamarans are popular in maritime regions. And if you want to relax on a river or a large lake, renting houseboats is at your service.

Houseboat, or "houseboat", as it is sometimes called, is perfect for relaxing with the family, or relaxing with friends.

What is a houseboat?

In fact, a houseboat is a base (catamaran) with a residential superstructure on top of it. The obvious advantage of this solution is a large capacity with a small draft.

What does this mean? This means that you can take a fairly large group on board (even more than on a catamaran), and at the same time you can moor almost anywhere, coming very close to the shore.

And given the fact that it is based on the design of a catamaran, the houseboat is quite stable, it almost does not sway, even with wind and waves, and we can say that the motion sickness effect, like on a yacht, is reduced to zero here. All this makes renting a houseboat popular among lovers of a quiet, relaxing holiday in nature near the water.

Why do people choose to rent howbots?

In addition to the advantages listed above, we can highlight the fact that no special skills are required to control the houseboat. This type of vessel is very simple and easy to manage. But at the same time, houseboats are well equipped with various systems that provide your comfort and peace of mind. You can either make small transitions from bay to bay, or simply enjoy the sea holiday, mooring where you like.

Sunlight penetrates well through the huge portholes, you can sunbathe on the decks, and there is enough space in the cockpit even for a large group of people, which means you can easily arrange a noisy party on board.

At such a ship, in any case, there are several bathrooms, and navigational equipment is also installed there. In short, the houseboat is a very versatile interesting vessel, which also has excellent autonomy. This means that a houseboat charter will suit a potentially very wide range of clients from young people to retirees.

You can rent a houseboat for a few days or a few weeks. As a rule, charter companies, will provide a wide range of possible charter options.

Key benefits of houseboats:

So, here is a brief summary of the main advantages of this type of vessel:

  • Large space - more even than a catamaran of the same length;
  • maximum comfort - this design is closest to the average home;
  • high autonomy - you can go weeks without restocking;
  • easy to manage - even easier than on a yacht or catamaran;
  • low draft - you can get as close to the shore as possible and moor in different places;
  • almost no pitching - there is almost no motion sickness on a houseboat.

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Answers to frequently asked questions about renting a HouseBoat


The houseboat will be able to moor almost everywhere, even in those places where it is very shallow. Its ability to swim in shallow water will allow you to anchor near the shore, where "the water is knee-deep".

Given that the houseboat is a ship, it must have a ship's ticket. If you want to manage it yourself, you need to obtain the appropriate skipper's license for this category of vessels.

Houseboat is a catamaran with a superstructure. A houseboat is much more stable than a regular yacht and even more stable than a regular catamaran due to its high mass and inertia. Even a wave 1 meter high is not capable of greatly loosening the houseboat. Any vibrations are damped almost instantly.

Thanks to the exceptionally shallow draft, you can get close to almost any location. If there is a difference in height between the pier and the houseboat, you can use the gangway. In some cases, you will be able to go straight to the beach. For other situations, you can use an inflatable boat.

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