Rent a yacht in the British Virgin Islands

The most sought-after destination in the Caribbean where you can rent a yacht are the British Virgin Islands (abbreviated BVI). This is due to the complete absence of strong wind currents. Year-round nature pleases with a light breeze.

To visit the paradise you will need to open a visa at the local office of the British Embassy (the territory of the islands belongs to the category of overseas type belonging to the UK).Our company can also assist in preparing all the necessary documents for this trip.

When issues with documents do not arise, then you can feel the beauty of BVI. The high level of infrastructure impresses with what makes the Virgin Islands of Britain an elite place to rent and sail in the Caribbean.

A popular island from among the BVI is Tortola. It is from this point that yachts and catamarans set sail on the open ocean. The green hills of the island are former, centuries-old volcanoes, smoothly enveloping the picturesque coast of Tortola. Here everyone is happy, from white and coral sand on the coasts, attractive bays and ending with fishing villages.

Often, yachting starts from another popular point, called Marina Village Kay, which is located in the administrative city of Rhode Town. The route allows you to visit the islands located near. Particularly famous is Salty Island. Every year, locals collect a whole bag of salt from the local lagoons and give it to the Queen of Britain.

But the depths of the underwater world attract divers from all over, because only here you can see the real frigate of Britain “Ron”, which went into depth in the distant 1867.

Virgin Gorda is an island famous for its abundance of small crevices, which provide access to the so-called “baths” (caves with low temperature water). And the territory of Anegada is a natural reserve, where there are several hundred representatives of flora and birds. The business card of this island is the rarest type of flamingo. Flocks of birds gather in a local lagoon called Natmeg Point.

Jost Van Dyke is another BVI island, almost untouched by man. It will suit lovers of a quiet and at the same time cozy rest.

Extreme fans can visit the real “pirate” island of Norman Island. It was he who was taken as the basis of R. L. Stevenson in writing the book Treasure Island.

Other islands that make up the BVI also deserve attention. There is no place where the average person can enjoy the picturesque landscapes, exotic, clean beaches. And those who managed to visit the most popular places for yachting, in this corner of the world will discover many new things. Contact us for a detailed offer.

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