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Finns have always taken care of the nature of their country. Their amazing culture will not leave anyone indifferent. If you are not a fan of hot and scorching sun, then Finland is the perfect solution for a holiday and . Amazing lakes and beautiful beaches with dense forest – this is what is littered with almost every, even the most remote, corner of Finland. Yacht charter in Finland – will be a great idea.

It is possible to assert without shame of conscience that a yacht for the Finns is like a car for us. This type of transport is quite common here, because thousands of lakes in the country, the waters of several bays, rivers and canals attract to exciting trips on yachts.

Yacht charter in Finland is very profitable and safe. So, there is a protected coastal area, which is not subject to strong wind, and clearly defined boundaries allow travelers on yachts to avoid underwater cliffs.

It is quiet and peaceful, you can enjoy your vacation, tour or family vacation. Many cities in Finland go to the water, so an individual route can be planned, as your heart desires.

What is interesting can please Finland yachtsman?

In Finland, marinas with excellent infrastructure are located in the center of the city, allowing you to plan a walk around the campsite. Lake Saimaa is suitable for a yachtsman – it is the most popular destination for a tour on a yacht.

Saima is a large lake that is an incredible water maze where you can find natural harbors and picturesque islands.

You can travel on a yacht, studying the history and culture of nearby places. Floating around, you can see several coastal cities, learn more about their sights, visit historical museums, Orthodox shrines and reserves, which contain thousands of species of plants and animals.

A large number of picturesque bays can be found in the Baltic Sea. The pearl and business card of the coast is Kalajoka , which is characterized by its unique nature, long beaches and restaurants with delicious local cuisine. It is, by the way, simple, but nourishing and nutritious.

Finns love dishes from butter, sour milk and potatoes, fish, which in this country very much. Fans of fishing can catch perch, pike, trout, and zander in Finnish waters.

Botanical Bay is known for its archipelago – the Aland Islands with rocky shores, forest and uncrowded northern flavor. The Gulf Stream is warm, therefore it heats the coastal waters and provides comfortable conditions in order to create an unforgettable Finnish beach holiday. Helsinki is famous for its huge number of cozy beaches.

Since the Finns care for the environment at a high level, even the big cities have water that meets high European quality standards. In addition, many beaches are equipped with everything necessary to leave or vacation without worries. Almost every beach in Finland is equipped with:

  • playground;
  • shower stalls;
  • cafes and restaurants;
  • grill awnings.

Windsurfers should definitely visit Hanko Beach, where the magnificent sand dunes and capes attract the height of the waves of fans of Scandinavia.

Finns not only love nature, but also care about safety, so you can relax here comfortably and without fear, because the beaches are under the supervision of lifeguards and equipped with necessary accessories in case an unexpected situation occurs.

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