Yachting in Turkey

Turkey is famous not only for high-quality clothing and delicious food, but also for renting yachts. Turkish yachting is suitable for both professionals and beginners, in addition, the rent can be made with the hiring of the crew.

If you don’t want to hire anyone, then in order to organize a tour, you need at least one crew member to possess an international certificate for the right to operate the yacht.

Ship control is not difficult: Turkish group yachts go along the coast, and at night you can spend the night in a closed bay, anchored.

A small disadvantage of Turkish yachting: almost always you have to go in the same direction twice, but there are so many bays that the crew may not stop in the same place twice.

Storm in the yacht season is a rare case, but for safety you can easily find refuge, for example, if the wind suddenly blows too much. In addition, many bays (Hisaron, Yesilov, Gekov) have to travel during a heavy storm.

Many travelers who decide to visit Turkey again like yacht tours, which routes go along the coast. So you can explore the ancient city, located near the bay, the Mediterranean nature, mountain and maritime climate.

All this has a positive effect on mood and contributes to the overall improvement of the body in a period of excellent pastime.

Yacht rental in Turkey is the same as in any other part of the planet. You can rent a yacht with the help of our international company Sparks. We will offer the best option for traveling on the water surface.

Turkish sailing-motor yacht gulet is made of mahogany and is included in the list of distinctive sights of Turkey. The ships are imported from Africa and are designed for a crew of 5 people, and the number of passengers ranges from 8 to 12.

Gulet is a fairly convenient transport for organizing a family tour on yachts, and for lovers of more thrills, we can offer the best motor yachts. Family holidays, active pastime with friends, a romantic walk or a party – choose the moment, the yacht and go on a journey of adventure.

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