Unforgettable yachting at the Balearic Islands

Yachting at the Balearic Islands. Traveling here, you will find yourself close to the royal family, plunge into the bustling city life, and if you want, get lost in the depths of the cedar-palm or citrus forests, or retire in one of the cozy coves where emerald surf caresses the white sands …

The Balearic Islands are considered a bohemian and aristocratic corner of the planet, a kind of yachting “Mecca”. Already in the XIX century, this place was chosen by the creative intelligentsia, and now bohemian parties traditionally take place at this environmentally friendly Mediterranean resort.

Therefore, you can always see a lot of ships here, including charter yachts, from economy to premium.

The location of the Balearic Islands is the western region of the Mediterranean, near Valencia. This archipelago includes five large islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Caberra and Formenteru, and ten more small islands.

Mallorca is considered a cozy place in which there are many bays and free beaches. Usually, sailing voyages are made around this island, following in such a way that the sudden gusts of the north wind do not disturb the plans of tourists. Slowly explore the island can be a week.

Mallorca is known for its architectural landmarks – the pirate fortress from the 14th century, the gothic cathedral La Seu and the ancient royal palace of Almudaina.

The cathedral is decorated with a delightful mosaic and a huge stained-glass window, the diameter of which exceeds 12.5 m, and the palace, playing the role of a fortress in the past, has now become a place of official receptions organized by the royal family visiting the island every summer.

Mallorca attracts visitors and the amazing stalactite-stalagmite caves of Porto Cristo, in which the kings of Majorca have the custom to rest in the summer. Tourists rush to see the record-sized Dragon Cave and Lake Martelsee under water.

The highlight of Majorca was the island of Caberra – a small piece of land, rock cover, with an interesting history. Once this tiny place was chosen by pirates, and later, in the Napoleonic era, a prison was built on the island.

The remaining islands of the archipelago, including Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera, are no less fascinating. Minorca, the name of which is translated from Spanish as “lesser”, and which every year is visited by about 500 thousand tourists, is considered the second pearl of the islands. This island attracts guests with a great variety of luxurious beaches.

Ibiza, known for noisy parties, called the white island because of the abundance of white buildings.

Growing popularity is also observed in Formentera – the smallest, secluded and quiet of all the Balearic Islands.

Yachting at the Balearic Islands is a luxurious and unforgettable vacation. Our company will gladly offer you options for luxury yachts for your chosen route. We can also help with the choice of the route itself. For this, contact our managers in a convenient way for you.

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