FAQs on private jet charter

If you have never booked a private jet before, you will probably have quite a few questions about the organization of this process. Here we have collected some of the most common FAQs on private jet charter passengers are interested in. Hopefully, they will help you get a more complete picture of how to rent a private jet.

General FAQs on private jet charter

How much does it cost to rent a private plane?

As for the cost of the aircraft, everything is determined mainly by two factors: the airplane class and the flight distance. Naturally, the larger the plane is and the further you fly, the more expensive your flight will cost you. Here are some sample rates to inform you. A very light jet – 1800-2600 EUR/1 hour (5 passengers), ultra Large Jets (20 passengers) up to 9000 EUR/1 hour. Your aviation broker manager will tell you the exact cost. The time of booking is not as important here as in commercial flights.

How to choose the type of business jet?

To choose the right aircraft for your flight, you must first answer several important questions:

  • How many passengers will go? Small jets are intended for 4-5 people, Heavy jets can carry up to 20 people.
  • How far will you go? Small jets can have a cabin height of less than 130 cm, so a long flight in it will be very tiring, besides, the flight range of such aircraft rarely exceeds 2,000 km due to the small amount of fuel.
  • Size of the luggage compartment. Depending on the class of your aircraft, its luggage compartment may be large or small, and sometimes there may even be none, this must be taken into account.
  • Ability to land on short and unpaved runways. Far from all the airports have long runways, and therefore not all planes will be able to land at small airports. Therefore, it is crucial to clarify whether the plane you have chosen will be able to land at your destination.
  • Speed and travel time. This is also an important parameter, and sometimes it happens that the cheaper option will fly faster and the travel time will be shorter. Cessna Citation X (faster and cheaper) and the Challenger 605 (slower and faster) is a good example.
  • Additional services. Naturally, if you are planning a short flight up to 2000 km, there is no point in paying for additional services, such as serving hot food, various entertainment, sofas, a bar, and a recreation area, etc. But if you fly all day, it makes sense to clarify additional services that can be on board to brighten up your flight.

You can learn more about aircraft classes and their characteristics here.

Specific FAQs on private jet charter

Are private jets faster than commercial?

As a rule, yes. But the point is not only in the higher flight speed of the aircraft but also in the quick procedure for passing passport and customs control. You have no need to come to the airport 1.5-2 hours before departure – 30 minutes is enough to go through all the necessary procedures.

Do you need a passport for a private jet?

Yes, as a private jet passenger, you must have all the same documents as any other citizen, but the verification procedures will be much quicker. You must have an ID (within the country) and a passport (on international sectors) with a valid visa (if needed). Passengers are responsible for the validity of travel documents. Typically, the passport control process in airports looks like this like this

Can I fly with my pet?

It depends on the rules of a particular company, but in general, this is not a problem as practice shows. If you want to take a dog or cat with you, you should take care of a special cage for transporting animals.

When should you book your flight?

You can book a private jet no later than 3 hours before departure, but there must be seats available. True, it will be much more convenient and easier to book at least the first day in order to have time to get all the necessary permits.

Can I change or cancel my booking?

Yes, this can be done, but no later than 3 hours before departure. To do this, you will need to contact your manager to make the necessary changes. If canceled, a penalty will be charged in accordance with the booking agreement

How are checks at the airport going?

Most airports have a separate VIP terminal for private jets. Your documents will indicate exactly where you need to arrive, your personal manager will also help you with this.

Also, you will need to go through a standard security check, but it will be much faster and easier than on a commercial flight.

Can I take my luggage with me?

The agreed contract specifies your baggage allowance. This generally depends on the type and size of the aircraft (super-small aircraft may not have a baggage compartment).

Can I take large amounts of money and valuables with me?

Yes, it can be done, but for this, you must notify your manager and obtain permission from the local authorities/customs.

We hope our FAQs on private jet charter will help you choose the best flight option for you.

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