Private jet rental for business and leisure

The optimal flight path will be worked out by the specialists of the company from which you rent a vehicle. You can apply for at a convenient time, renting a private jet is an affordable service. Charter flights can be tailored to your schedule, ensuring maximum comfort conditions. Thanks to established partnerships in different parts of the world, private planes can freely move on the necessary flight. Arranging expeditious charter flights is now not a problem.

The international company Sparks Life Worldwide will help in the rental of aircraft, choosing an individual charter flight program.

Private charter

We provide private aviation charters to make the most of your time.

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Plane rental
Plane rental

Business jet charter

Today we provide business charters for business professionals to make the most of your time.

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Features and specifications of a private jet

Luxury and comfort

Flights should be fun and we will make your charter flight as luxurious and comfortable as possible.

Privacy and security

Sparks Charter guarantees your privacy and we will work closely with your security provider on all aspects of your charter.

Large aircraft

Comfortable for seven to eight passengers with some models offering a maximum landing of ten to fourteen.

Plane rental

We will deliver you to over 20,000 destinations worldwide.

Sparks is proud to raise the bar and surpass the standard for luxury and corporate private charter services. We are proud to offer professional and personalized service.

Aircraft rental cost

If you want to know how much the rent costs, then our manager will announce the actual figure during a personal conversation, since the price consists of several types of expenses. This service is not a template and is formed taking into account individual requests and coverage of all details. Factors that significantly affect the price include model, route length, number of passengers and urgency.

The price also includes the direct freight of the vessel, fuel consumption, route fees, flight support and compulsory passenger insurance. Additionally, the price can include payment for parking, service in vip-halls, concierge service.

Plane rental

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To rent an airplane, fill in the required fields in the form marked with an asterisk. After processing the order, the manager will contact you. You can order a difficult route - click "Add city" and add intermediate landing cities.