What prevents businessmen from renting a private jet?

What prevents businessmen from renting a private jet? The idea of renting or acquiring your own plane is increasingly gaining popularity in many countries. However, the cost of such flights is undoubtedly more expensive, and increases occur constantly. Most people who have enough cash on hand do not use leased aircraft. In this article, we will try to examine in detail five myths related to commercial aviation.

High price

Renting a private jet is actually an expensive pleasure. The money you spend on rent will not go to the owner of the aircraft, but will be used for maintenance, inspection and payment of vessel downtime. The result is a large amount.

However, you can save on a private flight. For example, you make an order for a vessel that makes the necessary flight empty. The reason for this may be a person’s flights in one direction only, transportation of various cargoes and much more. Using this service, you can make an individual flight at the price of a business class flight or even an economy option.

Deluxe private jet interior

Summing up all the necessary services that the client can order, as well as those that are necessary to prepare the aircraft for the flight, we get a rather large amount.

The interiors of most private jet are similar to the standard business class. They are comfortable, but you should not dream of more. Such transport is designed for business rather than recreational trips. It provides a comfortable chair, table, Internet and meals to create the necessary level of service during the flight. In any case, the service on such a flight is designed for VIP customers, so you can not worry about this.

Such a flight is designed to provide quality, convenience and freedom to the customer. You can calmly go about your business and not worry that you will be distracted by noisy neighbors. Thanks to this, you can save time on work and nerves for the flight. All vessels that provide private flights undergo a mandatory and thorough check before all departures.


In most cases, you do not need to search for such an aircraft yourself. You can contact a special company and name the necessary date and time of departure and arrival, as well as the number of alleged people on board. The company’s managers will select at least ten different options with all the data on the cost and quality of the vessel.

Also, you will immediately see the total cost of the flight in both directions, types of aircraft, the year of their production, time for the flight, as well as the total number of seats in the cabin. Comfort is ensured due to the fact that you have the right to depart from the airport two hours after confirming the order, which significantly reduces the waiting time.

In constant flights, all checks and waiting for departure sometimes last longer than the trip itself. On an individual flight, this is not so. The search procedure takes 15 minutes. But there may be unforeseen situations in which the departure may be delayed. This is due to weather conditions or a matter of your safety and crew.

In any case, such a flight is much more profitable in time than a regular one. You will not experience fatigue and exhaustion, and your thoughts will not be limited to the desire to go to bed.

Lack of safety

Responsibility for the flight fully extends to the crew, technical and maintenance personnel, the owner of the vessel and the company through which you made the lease.

Before each flight, the aircraft undergoes a mandatory and complete check of all systems and mechanisms. Without this procedure, transport will be denied departure. The qualification of the crew in this case, most often, is much higher than that of workers on regular flights. For commercial flights, only highly experienced pilots are hired who undergo a mandatory and complete health check and are re-certified for such flights.

As for the zones of turbulence or the presence of cyclones along the route, not a single vessel is safe from this. Qualified pilots will perform all necessary actions in order to avoid getting into such zones or to fly through them as inconspicuously as possible.

Buying a private jet is more profitable than renting

A common misconception is that renting a plane is much more expensive than buying your own. The reason for this myth was the belief that recurring spending will go bankrupt faster than paying once. This statement cannot be completely refuted. It all depends on how often you fly. If this happens on an ongoing basis, every week or month, then it’s more profitable to buy your plane.

If the flights are not of a permanent nature, then the lease will be much more profitable. This is due to the fact that all aircraft must fly constantly, and downtime at the airport is very expensive. Also a key factor is that the maintenance of a vessel standing on the ground is not cheaper than with constant flights. All technical checks necessary to maintain the vessel in working condition pass in the same mode.

Of course, by purchasing an airplane, you can rent it and receive income from it. But at the same time, the equipment will still require you to spend a lot on maintenance, and most of the profit will go to pay these bills.

Thus, we can conclude that not always renting an airplane will cost a large amount. Comfort and safety of the flight, of course, is preferable to hours of flights in a noisy cabin.  And saving time on waiting and checking security at the airport will help dispel all doubts even among inveterate skeptics.

If you are just now or have long been thinking about renting or buying your own boat, then contact the specialists of our company. We will help you make an objective assessment of all upcoming costs, and will also assist in calculating the feasibility of such a transaction.

If your flights take place constantly and air traffic is not a whim for you, but an urgent need, then buying a ship is for you. But if there is no such situation, take a closer look at the lease and you will definitely not be mistaken.

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