Air taxi – we will deliver quickly and comfortably

Air taxi is a great solution for business people who save their own time. The advantages of air transport over land transport are obvious, therefore this type of passenger transportation is very popular. Also, this taxi is chosen by tourists, since from a height it is possible to view many more sights from a new angle.

Saving time, convenience and safety is not a complete list of the advantages of an air taxi. In addition, ordering helicopter passenger transportation services from Sparks Life is as elementary as a traditional taxi.

Why should I choose air taxi?

Helicopter taxi, in comparison with other methods of passenger transportation, has the following advantages.
  1. Saving time. Air transport is not afraid of traffic jams, so you will be 100% at your destination on time. In addition, the waiting period for the helicopter is minimal.
  2. Passenger mobility. Sparks Life will provide you with a helicopter taxi service 24/7 without holidays and weekends. Also, it should be noted that the waiting time before the start is minimal. This usually takes 10 to 30 minutes.
  3. Maximum comfort. Before the flight, our passengers are served in the VIP lounges of the airports. In addition, while traveling, you will not be disturbed either.
  4. Absolute security. Statistics show that a passenger has a higher chance of being involved in a car accident than being involved in a plane crash.

What determines the cost of helicopter taxi services

Of course, the prices for air transportation are somewhat more expensive than transportation by land transport. However, the quality of service, efficiency, comfort and high level of security fully justify the prices for services.

When forming prices for the service, the following factors are taken into account:

  • time of day and date of departure;
  • flight duration and route;
  • total number of passengers;
  • weight and volume of luggage.

Where is air taxi most often used?

Despite the cost of this service, our clients include not only the top management of successful companies, but also tourists who want to take a different look at the sights and memorable places of cities.

Helicopter passenger transportation is very popular in the following areas:

  • flights between cities;
  • entertainment and tourism;
  • organization of holidays and celebrations;
  • delivery by transfer to the holiday destination;
  • flight between airports;
  • shooting terrain from a height and so on.
Renting an air taxi will allow you not only to significantly save valuable time, but also to comfortably reach your destination. To order this service, contact the managers of the “Sparks Life” company in any way convenient for you.
Our experienced staff will help you find out the cost of your flight. You can rent an air taxi for a certain period of time, or to move along a pre-established route. We accept all forms of payment, we work with both individuals and organizations.

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