Renting a VIP plane – a comfortable journey

VIP-class air transport is fully used by large businessmen, politicians and stars. Renting a VIP plane gives you the opportunity to arrive at your destination on time, and during the flight you can relax or continue working.

Moreover, these planes are equipped with everything necessary for both efficient work and comfortable rest.

How to book a VIP charter ?

Renting a VIP plane and ordering it is very simple. The whole application procedure is reduced to the elementary filling out of the form. It is required to indicate the client’s contacts and the main information about the upcoming flight:

  1. city ​​of departure and arrival;
  2. the date on which the departure is planned;
  3. total number of passengers;
  4. Contact details.

After sending this application and processing the information, an employee of the “Sparks Life” company will promptly contact you by the indicated contact numbers. He will discuss with you all the nuances of the upcoming trip and offer different options for its cost.

Features of VIP class flights

In the process of communication, you can always discuss with our manager additional services that will be needed during the VIP flight. After all, traveling in a premium class assumes the highest level of service among all existing ones. If the client wishes, it is possible to arrange almost any event on board the aircraft, the main thing is that they do not contradict the flight safety standards. The equipment and interior design fully meet the highest requirements.

They take into account absolutely all the personal needs of people who have achieved great heights in life. In addition, if you wish, you can take your companions on board with you.

Renting a VIP plane means fully addressing the urgency and managing your own time wisely. The Sparks Life passengers will have VIP lounges and the widest range of additional services, which is formed solely on the basis of the client’s personal wishes.

Advantages of ordering a VIP-plane with “Sparks Life” company

It does not matter to which country you wish to order a VIP plane. With us, even typical customs formalities, as a rule, take a minimum of time. In addition, the potential of a VIP charter extends not only to the list of services on board the air transport. The company “Sparks Life” will quickly arrange delivery for you by transfer in any country, by any type of transport.

Also, if you wish, you will be provided with a personal translator, booking the best rooms in the world’s most luxurious hotels, booking tables in restaurants, preparing conferences or business negotiations.

Information for travelers

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