Exciting family yachting

Perhaps nothing can be better than an exciting, adventurous journey. The only exception is a yacht cruise! Of course, the most vivid impressions can be obtained when the closest and dearest people are nearby – joint family yachting. If your child is more than three years old, there is absolutely no reason to refuse a yacht voyage in the company of the most beloved.

All catamarans and yachts of the Sparks Life company are equipped with the necessary safety equipment for small passengers, namely:

  • a strong mesh is stretched along the side;
  • a lifejacket is individually selected for each young traveler.

On board our water transport you will find absolutely everything you need for a fun and comfortable stay with kids: comfortable cabins, two bathrooms, shower room, kitchen with stove and refrigerator.

Naturally, every child must be supervised by adults, but this rule applies not only on the water, but also on the shore. Family yachting will become an exciting game for children and one of the brightest impressions. Join us, organize a family yachting to give your child a lot of positive emotions and joy!

An exciting sailing trip on the LAGOON 380 catamaran

This vessel is called “big little catamaran”. In this model, everything is ideal, from the grace of forms to a convenient layout. Four comfortable cabins make it possible to accommodate without hesitation, there are two bathrooms with showers nearby. It will comfortably accommodate 8 passengers, not counting the skipper (the ship is designed for 10 people). There is a galley on the starboard side. This is quite convenient, since you can transfer cooked food directly to the salon.
Traveling aboard the LAGOON 380, you can fully enjoy the seascapes, relax and sunbathe on the deck with your children. This option is an excellent solution for family yachting with kids or a fun company.

Proposed cruise plan

Sparks Life recommends to its clients the following itinerary for the islands of Greece.

Day 1

Our beautiful and exciting tour starts in Athens. We arrive a day earlier and check into a comfortable hotel, relax and stroll through the magnificent evening and night city. In the morning we order a taxi and go to the Alimos Marina, where the yacht is waiting for us. If you want to spend a little more time in the capital of Greece, come a couple of days earlier to enjoy this amazing city to its fullest. It is also possible to stay here for a while at the end of the cruise.

Day 2

After an early departure and sailing, we arrive at the harbor of the ancient city of Epidaurus, which is widely known for the Temple of Asclepius and the ruins of the ancient Greek theater. In the latter, there is simply incredible acoustics, and we will visit it with a guided tour. In the evening, we will walk around the city and have dinner at a tavern on the shore or on a boat.

Day 3

Hydra is the real pearl of the Greek islands. This is where we will keep our way on the third day of the trip. The so-named port city is concentrated on the beautiful hills of the Fishermen’s Bay. In this area, any transport is prohibited, the natives move around the city on horses and donkeys. This amazing town is famous for its own rich cultural life and night parties and celebrations. Therefore, the brightest representatives of the bohemian hangout of Greece love to come here so much. Restaurants, bars and restaurants welcome guests until sunrise. It is here that you can create your own idea of ​​the traditional and main cuisine of this sunny country.

Day 4

Today we arrive in Nafplio. This amazing city is famous for its own beautiful streets, picturesque embankment and most interesting ancient Greek monuments. Nafplio is located in the east of the Peloponnese and is the country’s most important seaport. This area, in addition to the Venetians, was occupied by the French and Turks, and during the war with the latter, the city even briefly became the capital. Here we will climb the massive walls of the Palamidi bastion and approach the most important water defensive structure of Burdzi.

Day 5

The island of Spetses is considered a place of aromas, as it is the home of many fragrant plants and herbs. There is a minimum of vehicles and it is strictly forbidden to transport a new one. The island is famous for its own shipyards and luxurious mansions of naval commanders, whose history rushes back to the adventurous times of the past century. The magnificent climate and splendid nature have made the island a favorite vacation spot for both Greek and European celebrities.

Day 6

While the yacht is heading to the picturesque island of Poros, we will make stops so that you can swim and soak up the gentle sun. This area is very popular with both amateur and professional yachting. There is a very comfortable pier and lots of small but cozy bays. There are many shops selling souvenirs and jewelry in the town, as well as a fish and vegetable market. The main Poros marina often hosts spectacular mega yacht exhibitions.

Day 7

We’re going back today. Our way to the Alimos Marina will pass next to the beautiful island of Aegina. As usual, we will make stops so that you can swim in the azure waters of the gentle sea. In the evening, all guests will enjoy a farewell gala dinner on the yacht. We will spend the night on board in the Alimos Marina.

Day 8

At 9 am the ship is handed over to the owners. Following the inspection of the yacht, the charter company decides to refund the security deposit. As a rule, all of our clients are very careful, and in more than 90 percent of cases they get their money back for insurance.

Before we say goodbye to this incredible country, there is still a little time to stroll along the promenade or look into the historic center of the capital of Greece.

Our exciting adventure is over.

Sparks Life will be delighted to see you on our next tours and will gladly organize family yachting anywhere in the world.

Travel cost

Tour price – 780 EUR per person.

Included in cost:

  • boat rental – accommodation for two guests in a cabin;
  • skipper service – 7 days;
  • bedding set;
  • insurance deposit;
  • boat engine;
  • cleaning on the ship;
  • gas.

The price does not include:

  • flight by air from the client’s hometown to Athens and back;
  • excursions;
  • expenses for provisions, parking and fuel – 150 EUR per person;
  • food and fuel;
  • child safety nets.

Information for travelers

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