Renting a private jet according to the client’s schedule

Renting a private jet means making more valuable use of your time. Such a service allows you to plan flights with maximum benefit, which will depend solely on your personal schedule. In addition, this service makes it possible to receive not only the highest level of service, but also the minimum number of problems associated with customs clearance.

It is extremely important for “Sparks Life” to provide its customers with only the best, most comfortable and safe flight conditions.

What determines the cost of renting a private jet?

The total rental price of private air transport is formed from the following factors:

  • type of aircraft – the higher the class of the vessel, the more expensive its rental, in addition, the aircraft can be both standard and exclusive;;
  • flight duration – the longer the route, the higher the cost;
  • total number of passengers on board – VIP class service involves certain financial costs, so you need to pay extra for each additional guest.

The advantage of renting private jet:

  • Flights on your own schedule.
  • Special order of airplane. The customer chooses the aircraft for charter flight based on capacity, comfort and additional options.
  • Business aviation is represented by high-quality aircraft from leading manufacturers. The fleet is in perfect condition and is controlled by high-level pilots.
  • Comfort and representativeness.

“Sparks Life” managers will calculate the exact cost of the lease taking into account all the components of the flight. Just contact us. We will answer all the questions and select the most profitable offer based on the customer’s personal wishes.

Contact “Sparks Life” and you will see that it is easy, easy and comfortable to rent a plane!

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