Mediterranean yacht fishing

Many travelers love yacht fishing for excitement, an adrenaline rush and the incomparable pleasure of caught prey. Fans of outdoor activities will certainly appreciate this kind of leisure. You can go on an exciting journey in the company of friends, colleagues or the whole family. Moreover, it is possible at any time of the year. In the Mediterranean Sea, the fishing season lasts all twelve months, only the methods, techniques and equipment of water hunting differ. The method of catching tuna or any other fish is determined by the captain of the vessel, based on weather conditions and the time of year. Among the gear you can find spinning rods, fishing rods, trolling, donkeys and the like.

Fishing from the side of the yacht is one of the most pleasant and comfortable because tourists can not only catch an impressive trophy, envy of all fishermen, but also admire the local beautiful scenery. On the yacht, unity with nature and the endless expanse of the water surface are especially felt.

If you wish, we will create a video for you about your exciting adventure and take photos as a keepsake. Having chosen the spring-summer season for travel, you are very likely to be able to catch bluefin tuna with your own hands.

Bluefin Tuna Hunt

Some people consider fishing as a short-term leisure activity and rarely choose to sit with a fishing rod. Others prefer to spend almost all their free time doing this activity. With the Sparks Life company, both experienced fishermen and beginners will be able to take part in the hunt for bluefin tuna. In any case, the most experienced instructors will go with you, who will not only teach the nuances and secrets of hunting for this cunning predator, but will also show you the basics of techniques and basic techniques for catching bluefin tuna.

The hunt for this species of underwater inhabitants always starts with complementary foods. Therefore, slices of frozen or fresh fish are thrown overboard. In addition, spray installations are often used to create a stain of bubbles on the water. This attracts the attention of bluefin tuna and significantly increases the chances of fishermen for decent prey. Of the gears in this process, spinning and trolling are most often used. Due to the fact that fishing will be carried out from a safe and convenient yacht, you can go to places of large concentrations of these amazing predators.

Fishing from a yacht in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea

Brutal fishing for real men in Spain will not only leave you indifferent, but will forever remain in your memory as an exciting adventure full of emotions. Hunting for fish such as tuna will provide an opportunity not only to catch delicious prey with tender and healthy meat, but also to get a trophy for your collection, the size of which you can be proud of. After fishing, our professional chefs will prepare for you amazingly delicious dishes from this predator, tasting which you will forever become a fan of Mediterranean cuisine.

Rest and fishing with “Sparks Life” will leave you with a sea of pleasant experiences and a desire to return to this indescribable adventure again.

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