Flight with hang-glider

Sparks Life has exclusive rights to a service such as flying a motor hang-glider with geese for our beloved customers. Contact us in any way convenient for you, and our staff will organize for you a flight that you will remember all your life.

A hang-glider – in order to study the routes of migratory birds. The idea of using such an aircraft belongs to Christian Mullek, a French ornithologist who lives in the department of Cantal, near Aurillac. Christian acts as the leader of the pack, who blazes new routes.

In this case, we are talking not so much about seasonal migration from north to south and vice versa, but about trying to avoid bullets from game lovers during the hunting season. Christian himself considers himself to be something like an adoptive father, he rises into the air with the birds when they just start to learn to fly: “Yes, I am an adoptive father, I want them to know that you can follow me, I participate in their upbringing as much as I can, I even sleep with them when they are very young. Of course, this is not always convenient and comfortable. ”

Here, on a farm near Aurillac, wild geese chicks get used to Christian, which, in principle, is natural: they see and know him practically from birth. Light-engine aircraft – both its idea and its practical implementation. At one time, Christian flew with wild geese. His route lay from Sweden to Germany. Together with him, there were 30 adult birds in the flock.
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