Yachting training course – ISSA Sea Survival License

The company “SparksLife” offers to take a yachting training course with obtaining skipper rights to operate an international ship. We offer a course of survival classes at sea to those who prefer active recreation on the water. We invite sports fans on motor or sailing yachts, as well as racing participants.

The main goal of our course is to teach customers the practical knowledge and skills necessary for safe navigation in wide water spaces. Qualified specialists of our company will familiarize you with the professional control equipment of the vessel and teach how to use it productively. You will learn how to avoid and solve problematic situations during swimming.

Acquired skills will increase your chances of survival on the high seas many times. Yacht cruises and voyages are one of the most dangerous and reliable types of water recreation. And although emergencies are extremely rare, knowing how to not be confused and act correctly if necessary, why a rescue yacht is needed and how to manage it will significantly increase your chances of survival.

As the practice that passed our training course shows, it will be able to save not only itself, but also help the rest of the people on board and not only. This knowledge can be useful in everyday life.

Registration for the course

During yachting training, you will learn about the following topics:

  • ways of survival;
  • rescue rafts and their equipment;
  • life jackets and their device;
  • water search and rescue operations;
  • survival on the water from a medical point of view.

The open water space survival course from Sparks Life lasts two days. It contains theoretical and practical parts. Let ‘s take a closer look at each:

  1. Theory.

In this part, you will learn how to provide first aid to victims in open water space. These are dressings, artificial respiration, calling for help on the walkie-talkie and other ways that can save not only your life, but also people close to you. You will also learn how rescue operations are carried out. The duration of the lesson is three hours. The lesson is conducted by experienced masters in our office.

  1. Practice.

This part of our training takes place in the water pool. First with the help of support, and then on your own you learn how to enter the rescue raft correctly, you feel what difficulties may arise. At the same time, the conditions will be as close as possible to real ones. You will also learn how pyrotechnics work, how to wear a Spinlock life jacket and much more. The duration of the lesson is two hours.

Sparks Life’s yachting training course is delivered by a professional, experienced instructor with an ISSA license. Training is possible in Ukrainian, English and Russian. In the group – 10 people. Each of our graduates receives an ISSA SeaSurvival certificate of international level.

The price for a two-day course is 320 EUR per person.

Сall us at the indicated numbers.

You can also send a request by email. If you have any questions, just contact us!

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