Rent a private jet

Rent a private jet. It just so happened that air travel in a private jet, most potential tenants it is associated with a flight on a huge and luxurious ship, equipped with almost luxurious beds and baths with champagne.

Well, if we are talking about the plane, rented for tourist travel deluxe, such representations are not groundless.

But if you need to rent an aircraft for business purposes (the vast majority of our customers, tenants it pursues business purposes), costs are too high and quite unjustified.

There are many ways to rent air transport, allow management companies and private businessmen to save money and time, and spent on renting the aircraft money.

To minimize the cost of rent liner will help a number of our advice – rent a private jet

Do not neglect the preliminary price comparison and execute rent in real time.

Planning to order the aircraft, first compare the value of the relevant lease in various service companies. According to statistics, the appropriate type of service is now practiced more than five thousand organizations offering rental order online. The price range of the service is very different – Read them and choose the one that is acceptable to you.

Decide on the dimensions you require liner.

The plane is expedient to choose according to their needs. This approach will allow you to avoid additional costs. The dimensions of the jet depends on its roominess (referring to the number of seats for passengers and size of luggage) as well as the flight distance.

Thus, more optimal flight for a short distance to rent a light and compact model rocket than the choice of the average parameters of the aircraft. Select the aircraft must be tailored to the specific objectives of his trip. But save your private time its lease will help you in any way.

  • The best choice – turboprop aircraft.

The most effective in terms of cost are considered liners turboprop type. Especially appropriate, they will be for short flights and small runways. This type of aircraft for landing does not require a long strip, so they tend to take all airports.

The most popular in terms of the lease are considered such as a turboprop liners Piaggio Avant or, for example, King Air. They will provide you the comfort of business class at a reasonable cost (rental of such copies will cost you cheaper than analog aircraft, about 20%).

  • Decide the airport.

Learn the location of the airport near the plane’s arrival. You reduce the cost of the charter flight, if you prefer on the largest airport, and one that is smaller.

For example, when planning a flight to the UK, it is better to choose for planting is not a central airport, London City and Stansted airport – a rational decision will help you save a few thousand dollars.

  • Rent liner in the port of registry stationary.

At the order of business jet at the airport, which for this liner is its basic place, you pay for the hire of the appropriate flight means considerably less.

  • Save through group charters.

Booking a private jet, you should understand that the value of his lease does not depend on the number of passengers. Considering this aspect, it can be concluded that the group air travel from a financial point of view, more profitable.

So, for four passengers Citation Mustang ship rental for flights from Monte Carlo to the capital of the UK will cost each of $ 1,100, but if you take a rented plane Boeing 737 for a similar journey 170 passengers, each of them will pay for the flight is only about $ 200 .

  • Empty Legs system.

The system suggests the possibility of adjustment to the already planned flights. Using it, you will reduce your rental costs about four times. Often, the price of the flight is not higher than the cost of tickets of regular flights.

However, the system of Empty Legs flights should plan ahead, do not forget to get acquainted with the armor design conditions and flight conditions.

  • The older aircraft, the cheaper it rolling.

Renting of new models for business more expensive, while the aircraft rental, overflying several years, allowing them to save a decent amount.

In this case, even airplanes, descended from the conveyor dozen years ago, equipped with modern facilities and are systematically required MOT. So whether or not to seek to choose the new liner, overpaying for it?

  • Do not skimp on security.

In the cold season liners before takeoff treated with special liquid solutions – de-icer. This treatment entails additional costs, depending on the amount of liquid used, however it is necessary for your safety.

Therefore, if the rental company offers to abandon proper treatment, promising thereby reduce rents, better is questionable proposal is not accepted.

  • About the meals on board – what to choose?

In the case of flights up to three hours, the best option will supply a small business lunch. At long, many-hour flight is better to opt for a full ration – this approach will help you to adjust the original rental value.

In any case, to rent a private jet most profitable and safe in our company.

Contact to us – and you will find out what the best service for renting planes!

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