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How to choose the cheapest private flight

Aircraft rental worldwide. People say that the cost of private jets starts from five, ten, one hundred million conventional units, which is why even millionaires cannot afford the purchase and maintenance of such air transport. However, there is also positive information.

It is believed that the purchase of the “iron bird” to match only the richest people in the world, presidents, chancellors, kings or sheikhs; ordinary wealthy people cannot afford to travel this way.

Full ownership of air transport is more in terms of concern, company, holding and country, but all these “owners” have different types of aircraft, whose pricing policy can vary in the range of up to many millions of conventional units.

Value for money

Different types of aircraft have their own price boundaries and separation according to different aspects: possible flight time, what is the mileage, how many visitors can take on board, how it starts and from which lane, etc. To understand further differences, it is worth identifying “leading vessels »In their classes at the lowest cost.

Ultra-light aircraft Cirrus Vision Jet, the cost is $ 1.7 million. These are the first personal single-engine aircraft, the movement of which begins thanks to a turbofan engine. It is assumed that the owner will be engaged in piloting alone, but the characteristics of the aircraft allow the presence of a pilot and passengers in the aircraft. Capacity – 5 adults and 2 children at a time.

Cessna Citation CJ3 + light aircraft, the cost is almost $ 7 million. The longest distance covered by an airplane without refueling is approximately 4 thousand km, transporting up to 450 kg of luggage. The cabin is designed with comfort: there are seats in the form of armchairs and a bathroom, and 14 “windows into the sky” of an impressive size will allow you to enjoy the flight.

Medium-sized aircraft called the Cessna Citation XLS +, costing about $ 11 million. Its performance and versatility captivated travelers and brought its popularity to the world level. The project provides: a full kitchen area, a bathroom. With the help of laconic design, it became possible to place these benefits. The capacity of the cabin is nine people.

Heavy aircraft called the Embraer Legacy 650E, costing just over $ 23 million. It is noteworthy that among its “fellow soldiers” this aircraft is the cheapest, but this does not affect its external and internal appearance. The aircraft is comfortable and productive, which already raises its rating in its class.

It is huge, compared with previous representatives, and is capable of traveling large in mileage. The salon is divided into three separate zones, which gives personal space, silence / sleep / wakefulness. At the same time 13 people enter the salon.

Separate zones allow everyone to spend time according to their wishes. The vessel is convenient for those who spend most of their time traveling, to improve and speed up the work processes of management links.

Pricing at the moment does not seem low, but we are talking about the acquisition and maintenance of a private jet. In addition, it will be said that such transport requires an appropriate storage location and ongoing maintenance.

According to various estimates, this is from a quarter to half the value of the vessel each year. But not for everyone, such a waste is justified, therefore there are aircraft rental companies where the best vessel will be selected for your budget and requirements.

Jet hire for work and leisure – Aircraft rental

Our company can offer charters to business people – efficient use of time is a part of “habits”. When renting business jets, executives can draw up and adhere to a tight schedule, because often several meetings can take place in different cities on the same day.

This makes using a business jet the most comfortable and reliable way to move executives.

Do not forget that a business jet can be used for leisure purposes. Your family and friends can travel to different cities and countries exclusively, comfortably and privately. Ordering the optimal jet guarantees a non-fussy arrival to the terminal on time.

Why you should use our services – Aircraft rental

  • comfortable: the conditions are unique, because they are developed in accordance with your status and requests;
  • confidential: a special level of distribution of order data guarantees privacy;
  • convenience: the placed order easily adapts to your schedule or fits into any regular flight;
  • individual terminals: the price of renting a jet also includes the ability to board aboard without queues;
  • world movements: the organization of flights is possible from anywhere in the world, to any, even inaccessible place.

What is attractive about renting air vehicles? The client is given a choice among many aircraft.

This makes it possible to carry out each trip in different planes, study their pros and cons, choose a more comfortable model for yourself / company / holding, while not worrying about the problems of maintaining the aircraft, caring for it and preparing for flights, thinking about a license, permission to flight, the selection of a suitable pilot and the degree of his accreditation.

By renting a plane, you get everything at once, without making much effort, do not waste your budget.

Tell the date, the directions you need and the time, how many people will be on board, your requirements and needs, indicate the restaurant, what kind of dinner / breakfast / lunch you would like to see while traveling on your table and, if any, individual preferences. Contact our specialist for an offer.

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