Aircraft rental – how to choose the best option

Aircraft rental – how to choose the best option? Rent a private jet is an exciting prospect, no matter what will be the purpose of its use (commerce or private use). But the rent is not cheap, but then you need to be prepared and know what to look for when choosing aviation vessel.

In this case, the aircraft will comply with the set requirements, and you do not overpay their own funds. So, we offer 6 basic criteria are worth paying attention to when choosing an aircraft.

Cost – aircraft rental – how to choose the best option

Renting the plane by yourself or by using a broker, it is important to specify in advance the budget boundaries. In this case, you do not have to spend time watching those ships that do not fit on the financial possibilities.

Rental rates liners vary widely, so this solution will enable them to narrow the list and choose the most suitable option.

Technical and dimensional parameters of the ship – aircraft rental – how to choose the best option

Choosing a private jet rental, it is important to familiarize yourself with the dimensional parameters, since this factor influences the amount of free space in the cabin, the type and number of engines. The latter affects the flight capabilities of the ship and its potential.

Ultralight aircrafts model

Such liners include a motor structure 1 and are used exclusively for the flight at a small distance under good weather conditions.

These jets can take off and land at small airstrips, and therefore are an excellent option to visit the air harbors of small-sized settlements. Number of passengers, which is able to accommodate the liner interior, ranging from 3 to 5 people.

Light jetliners

Aircraft of the multi type consist of 2-motors. In these, the number of seats more than the single piston (up to 8 people). The flight range is different from the previous one, the difference is that they can cope with the flight under difficult weather conditions.

Turboprop airliners type

Ship with built turbovidnymi motors are widely used for flights in the medium and short distances. Passazhirovmestitelnost of private aircraft up to 8 people. In the air, the ship can carry up to 2 hours, which is 1.6 thousand. Km.

This category of aircraft is more popular because they are inexpensive and are characterized by economical fuel consumption.

Mid-range model

Such vessel different extended-height. On board you can comfortably sleep up to 8 passengers, and the technical parameters allow you to stay in the air up to 5 hours.

Large jets

Large private jets luxuriously decorated cabin and flight range (6 – 9 hour flight – a standard option for these models). They are able to accommodate up to 16 people on board, and the ceiling height allows them to be straightened to his full height. In addition, on board there are a kitchen and a spacious compartment for storing luggage.

Business jets

These liners are executive class and used to make intercontinental destination flights. On board everything is made with comfort for passengers, it has a galley, luggage hold, a place to sleep.

Aircraft haul destination

Such vessel designed for long-distance flights in a comfortable environment for passengers. Spacious interior, equipment for special zones necessary home furnishings and appliances will allow travel across the globe.

Features of the configuration and design of interior – aircraft rental – how to choose the best option

It is important to consider not only the size but also the configuration of the aircraft. Flights for the long distances necessary to pay attention to the height of the ceilings (to make it possible to straighten up to his full height) and the location of the seats. flight comfort is provided also at the expense of placement of a full and high-quality furniture, bathrooms.

For intercontinental flights appointment is recommended to use liners with equipped and simultaneously separate bedrooms.

Capacity and business requests – aircraft rental – how to choose the best option

In the case of aircraft rental for customers or business partners it is important to make a positive impression. When using the vessel for the company’s employees should pay attention not to the highest standards, and functional. If you often travel with friends or family is important to watch out for the convenience of the chairs, rest areas and bathrooms.

Flight range – aircraft rental – how to choose the best option

This parameter is determined based on the geography of hops. For example, if you fly within a single state, it is necessary to take into account the criteria for the use of vessels for air harbors the desired area. When traveling long distances will require the obligatory presence of the luggage compartment and beds.

Contents – aircraft rental – how to choose the best option

Maintenance and use of the ship affects the price of renting a private jet. In this case, to get a detailed picture, it is recommended to resort to a comprehensive assessment of the aircraft and to calculate all the costs, in addition to the rental cost.

Want to rent suitable for the requirements and wishes of the aircraft – work through its own budget and review the existing types of vessels. But save your time searching for a suitable option of flying means possible, resorting to the services of our company.

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