Private Flight Rules

Booked a flight on a private jet? Or rented a plane? You should study all the subtleties, because there are many differences between a commercial and an individual route.

When flying a private flight, you will feel the maximum relaxation, all the service staff revolves around you in the hope of satisfying you. It is important to follow a few unwritten rules that will make the trip more comfortable.

List of Rules – Private Flight Rules

This is a dozen simple recommendations that will help you avoid embarrassment and embarrassment on the plane:

  1. Dress code. There is no certain style of clothing as such, but we recommend wearing comfortable clothes, avoiding layering. If you are flying to a business meeting, then of course it is better to dress in something strict and classic.
  2. Social networks, photos and videos. Do not advertise your flight in a private plane if you are heading to a business meeting. Take a vacation to the Bahamas? Then you just have to shoot a video and take some photos!
  3. If you are flying as a guest, then be sure to ask permission before photographing everything and everyone, uploading pictures to social networks, and checking. Many passengers want to maintain privacy, because this requires a private jet. Do not hesitate, the owner of the plane will be delighted with your emotions from an air flight.
  4. The flight organizer is the first to board the flight. If you are a guest on a private flight, then politely on your part will be the first to skip the owner of the plane. He will be able to take his favorite place on the plane. Nobody wants the first flight to be the last?
  5. Demanding and politeness. These two qualities should ideally be combined in you, so you can make the flight as personalized as possible. You have every right to ask to turn on the music, bring you tea, a magazine or pour the best food for your pet. Order a glass of wine and enjoy the flight.
  6. On board a private jet you have every right not to turn off electronic devices. Now in the modern world, almost every liner is equipped with wireless Internet. You do not need to put off your work plans or skip your favorite TV show. Where else, if not during the flight, will you find time in your tight schedule to watch an interesting movie?
  7. Transportation of animals. No one forbids transporting animals on board a private jet, but you need to wash and comb your pet in advance. We don’t think that someone after you will be pleased to see an expensive leather chair in wool or dirty prints. Also make sure your friend doesn’t have fleas.
  8. Conversations with the crew. On many private flights, pilots do not close the doors to the cockpit. They are always happy to meet you on board. Thank the team for good service and a comfortable flight, you can tip. This is not necessary at all, but welcome. The crew will appreciate your generous gesture.
  9. Book an airport transfer in advance. A private jet is leased specifically to minimize the time spent on the flight. It is recommended to take care of the transfer in advance. If you forgot to resolve this issue, ask the pilot to call the dispatcher, who will help you call a taxi.
  10. Good manners in the restroom. We recommend that you visit the toilet room in the terminal before the rental plane departs. Many private liners in latrines have very thin walls, which can lead to embarrassment and a very unpleasant situation.
  11. There are also passengers who psychologically cannot go to the toilet in the air. In addition, there may not be a bathroom on board a compact aircraft and an old-style liner.
  12. Baggage. For those who use private aviation for the first time, attendants may be unfamiliar with your bags. This is included in the package of services that you receive when renting a liner. Enjoy your flight!

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