The best private jets in business aviation

The best private jets in business aviation. In any industry, options are usually offered for comparison to choose the best. And business aviation is no exception. In the modern air transport market, customers are offered many models from various manufacturers.

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular aircraft used in business aviation, while paying attention to such indicators as the flight range without the need for refueling, the availability of equipment and technical stuffing. In addition, the issue of comfort and the level of service that is provided to customers plays an important role.


This is one of the most reliable classes of business aviation aircraft, which has a fairly reasonable price. Airplanes are capable of landing on the ground, therefore they are often used in rather difficult conditions. Among the most popular models, it is worth highlighting the Piaggio Avanti EVO, which has a modern digital navigation system and flight direction control.

Light aircraft

The presented aircraft have average cruising speeds of 600-700 kilometers in ches. At the same time on board can not be located more than six passengers. It should also be noted an insignificant distance that can be overcome without landing – 2500 kilometers.

Passenger comfort is minimal, due to low ceilings it is inconvenient to be in a standing position. However, an important advantage is that it does not require significant financial costs for maintenance. A fairly vivid representative of the cars of this class is the Honda Jet – a jet aircraft. Also worth noting is the Embraer Phenom 300E, which is a fairly lightweight business jet.

Medium air transport for business

This is the most popular air transport today in the business community. The aircraft has a good level of comfort for passengers. It speeds up to 850 kilometres per hour. A non-stop flight can last for 5700 kilometers. However, the price is quite high: a new plane costs from $ 12 million.

Large aircraft – The best private jets in business aviation

Aircraft that belong to this class are engaged in passenger transportation at distances of up to 9 thousand kilometers. They are the ideal option for long-distance flights. The maximum number of passengers is up to nineteen. The cost of the vessel is more than $ 20 million.

Long-range business aircraft

These models rightfully earned the title of the elite of business aviation. And it is not at all surprising, because the maximum distance that can be overcome without the need for a stop is more than 9 thousand kilometers. Such aircraft can deliver passengers to the farthest point of the planet without any difficulties, and on a charter flight.

At the same time, all models of aircraft of this class are distinguished by innovative technical assembly, therefore they are popular, for example, if you need to overcome an impressive distance from Moscow to Rio.

Business liners – the best private jets in business aviation

These models can be safely attributed to the best aircraft in modern business aviation. Such mobile offices have all the necessary facilities that may be required for meetings in the sky. At the same time, passengers will feel as comfortable as possible, since all the necessary conditions are created on board for this. The initial cost of this type of liner is fifty million dollars.

Among the most famous and sought-after models that are used in aviation, one should single out the Sukhoi Business Jet, a domestic-made airliner, which is an environmentally friendly machine and has been certified to the most stringent international standards and quality standards.

Also popular among corporate customers is the Airbus ACJ319. However, this model is quite expensive to operate, so the purchase of such a liner is advisable if frequent flights are necessary.

If you use the services of the air fleet from time to time, then there is no urgent need to purchase your own air transport. A corporate plane not only has a high cost, but also requires the presence of a staff of specialists who will carry out maintenance, which is also not cheap.

In this case, a great solution is to rent a business aviation aircraft in our company. You can order a private flight from us as quickly as possible, just call the phone number on the website. Our experts will advise you on all issues and offer the most suitable option for your requirements and expectations. Thanks to the availability of many models, you will definitely find an airplane whose comfort level is right for you.

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