Yachting in the winter

Yachting in the Winter – Best yachting destinations in the winter

If you want to break away from working life for a couple of weeks and return to summer, learn new sea routes on a yacht, regardless of its type, or catamaran, then the winter yacht season is what you need.

Caribbean and Bahamas

One of the most popular winter yachting destinations is the Caribbean. These islands are attractive unusual, lush vegetation, clean and azure sea surface.

Antigua and Barbuda are considered to be no less famous islands, geographically located in the center of the Livard Islands (approximately 17 degrees north of movement from the equator). Tourists to visit them do not need to issue a visa. They are also suitable for kite surfing, wakeboarding and other sports activities.


The historical past of the island is closely connected with pirates, chests of gold, adventures. Today the town is famous for its excellent energy. Here are motley markets, which sell high-quality seafood.

Complements the picture of the abundance of night entertainment. Near Nassau is Paradise Island, famous for its elitism. Only here are secular clubs, expensive restaurants, ultra-modern coffee houses.

All the islands in the Caribbean are unique, and each of them fascinates in a different way. Open the charm of each you can with our individual route. We will take into account your wishes and suggestions and select the best captain and yacht.

Cuba Islands

Cuba is a country that combines romance and freedom at the same time. Only here you can plunge into the atmosphere of incendiary dances, taste the sweetness and closeness of rum with Havana cigars. For many, this corner of the world is associated exclusively with pirates.

But so that the country does not mean to you, only here rest in the winter season will provide a lot of vivid emotions and impressions. White beaches, islands, virgin nature, pink and exotic lizards … And what else is needed for a full solar charge?

We offer you to rent a yacht and experience the full range of pleasures from an individual trip. Contact our company and the managers of Sparks will take into account all your wishes and bring them to life.

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