Group charter

Group charter – quick flight available to everyone

Group charter is provided for the movement of large groups of people traveling with the aim of performing the set business tasks or recreation. This method of operational transportation will allow you to get and visit all sorts of events. These include:

  • corporate parties;
  • conferences;
  • new product launch;
  • big sport events;
  • star concerts;
  • group tours;
  • VIP travel;
  • diplomatic flights, etc.

Aviation charters, unlike regular flights, have more strengths:

  • The safety of personal data about the customer. Information is not transmitted to a third party neither during the flight nor after its implementation.
  • Efficiency and rationality. You can choose and set the time, date of flight, airport. At the same time there are no long queues and problems with luggage.
  • Opportunity to focus on key moments during flight hours.
  • Affordable cost. Competitiveness is noticeable compared to traditional airlines. Group flights are more cost effective.
  • Service flexibility. The client can postpone the flight, increase the number of groups, take the animal.
  • Comprehensive support. Charters are supported 24/7. Managers are ready to help and solve problems, regardless of their degree of complexity.
  • Accounting for individuality. Branding, company logo, etc. are available if necessary.

If you want to organize a safe, reliable group charter, then call us. We know how to save your personal time, therefore we provide high-class services. Convenience and material benefits are provided.

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