The cost of flights on private jets

The private jet service allows you to quickly move around the territory of your country and abroad. Flights on private planes abroad are convenient. They eliminate long waiting times and scheduling, as well as reduce time spent on border and customs control.

The price of the services of private aircraft varies depending on their modification, distance of flights and a list of additional services.

A business jet takes into account the fact that clients are accustomed to cherish every minute, so ordering a rental is quite simple. The customer orders a call or fills in a simple form, entering contact details and information about the required flight, including the date, number of passengers, point of departure and arrival.

Having made an order, the tenant receives a whole range of additional services, having previously coordinated the relevant list with the manager, who selects the best option for his client (all customer preferences are taken into account).

Factors affecting the price of services

The cost of private flights determines a number of conditions:

  • the urgency of departure;
  • type and brand of aircraft;
  • route features (duration, mileage);
  • the nature of the related service in the form of food, support and other services.

When renting a plane, consider not only the above nuances, but also the availability of additional services (equipping the aircraft with the Internet, using it as a meeting room, and having a permanent connection with the ground). Thanks to this service,

You, being in the air, will be able to constantly monitor the workflow, which will not prevent you from arriving at your destination on time.

The cost estimate includes the following components:

  • rent;
  • fuel consumption;
  • payment of insurance;
  • aeronautical payment;
  • airport fees;
  • VIP service of air terminals;
  • crew accommodation in a hotel (paid if there is a parking space);
  • related services (meals during the flight, transfer, hotel reservations, tickets, restaurant reservations, etc.).

For a more accurate calculation, contact our managers and we will select the most convenient flight for you, taking into account all your requirements.

Information for travelers

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