TOP 8 cruises in the Mediterranean on a yacht

Having decided to rest on the Mediterranean Sea, it is necessary to think over the route in advance. The fact is that among the abundance of beauty, delights and luxury is not difficult to get confused. Traveling on a yacht is not comparable with anything. The most luxurious hotel fades in front of the views from the ship.

We offer several exciting options for hanging out on an individually selected tour.

1.Small town Cotor.

Montenegrin Bay is conveniently located among the huge mountains, hiding in its depths a small town. Its feature is a mini-format: narrow lanes, small cafes and bars, ancient churches and a paved road.

A huge stone wall, built in the first decade of our era, creates an incredibly cozy atmosphere, surrounding the city as a reliable shield from all bad weather. In the dark, more than one hundred light bulbs illuminate the wall, creating snazzy images in the bay.

2.Hotel Le Grand Hȏtel de Cala Rossa.

The oldest island of France, covered with the breath of old times – Corsica, undoubtedly, claims the attention of the tourist. Refined and harmonious combination of vintage and modern trends, age-old traditions and modern devices, give the city an inimitable image.

Located in it, the hotel will delight with the luxury and goodies of the most demanding gourmets. Huge lobsters, private docks, comfortable rooms – everything is created for an unforgettable vacation.

3.Menorca beach Cala Marcella.

Getting to Menorca is accessible only by sea, therefore a yacht is a must-have travel attribute. Sailing in such a distance, of course, is, because only here you can relax on the white beaches, choosing a secluded place. And the beauty that opens from the cliff is beyond description, they only need to be seen.

4.Party in Ibiza.

Ibiza is such an amazing island that not one modern song was sung about it, the inspiration for which was drawn here. Many stars and celebrities rest in local clubs. Large-scale parties here in the order of things, therefore, sailing the Balearic Islands, look at Ibiza.

It can be done in any of the many clubs, and in Amnesia, for example, even stumble upon a celebrity.

5.Festival for the holiday of Saint Ranieri in Italy.

On the eve of Luminara St. Ranieri entire embankment lights up hundreds of thousands of colors. On the Arno River annually send about 75 thousand lights flickering on candles. At the same time, lights and all kinds of illumination of ancient citadels are turned on, foreshadowing a colorful nightly salute.

6.The island of Stromboli volcanoes.

Truly bright and explosive emotions can cause the island on which the active volcano is located. Across the European continent, there are only 12 such elevations, but only from the summit of Stromboli there is constantly smoke.

Lovers tickle your nerves, we advise you to moor here for a couple of days to explore local features and walk along the active volcano.

7.Island of St. Honorat.

Saint Honorat in Cannes is known for its large-scale vineyard as for a small island. The abbey of Lerin is baked on the care of shrubs, subsequently producing incredible wine. It is here that you can find peace and tranquility, complementing it with exquisite seasonal dishes and old wines.

8.Underwater caves.

In truth, underwater caves are attractive and inviting for their depth, darkness and unexploredness. The slightly depressing name “Neptune’s Grotto and Sardinia” does not overshadow the natural beauties that this area is generously endowed with. Stalactites under the ground hang down powerfully over a small salt lake.

For lovers of underground beauty you can go down lower, reaching the centuries-old caves. Experienced extreme divers can dive into the nearby Nereo Cave, the path to which runs only through water.

Having so many ideas in the arsenal, it’s foolish to prefer the crowd on Italian and French beaches. The struggle for the chaise longue, the running around of other children, leaving heaps of sand on bedspreads, not the most pleasant neighbors – all this clearly motivates renting a yacht for a relaxing holiday for your pleasure.

For advice on choosing a yacht and planning a cruise, contact the Sparks team to select a yacht. Here you respect your desire to relax in privacy and comfort, offering a trip to the most serene corners of the Mediterranean.

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