Order a yacht in Tahiti

Tahiti – a beautiful island with a sea of ​​greenery and atolls, with a unique underwater kingdom that can cause delight among the most sophisticated drivers, and endless beaches, which mixed volcanic and coral sands.

Tahiti is the largest island of French Polynesia. Having a volcanic origin, this land area is proud of its mountainous landscapes, on which peaks of peaks reach a height of over 2 thousand meters (the highest mountain is Orohena – 2241m.). Another name for Tahiti is “The Island of Love”.

This piece of land consists of two parts that connects the isthmus from the Taravao Plateau – Big Tahiti and Small Tahiti. The capital city of Papete, like the main port, is located on the northwestern Tahitian coast.

Tahiti has a tropical trade-wind climate with two seasons, one of which brings moisture and heat (from November to May), and the second – dryness and coolness (from June to October).

The average temperature during the dry season is + 25 ° С, but the weather is very windy – in May-June strong northeastern winds blow, and later, until the end of the season – southeastern. Although the speed of winds from the ocean here can reach up to 30 knots, it is not an obstacle to the charter of ships – yachting is carried out all year round.

Tahiti captivates guests with fascinating waterfalls, mysterious caves, Cape of Venus with a mysterious palm forest and black sand beaches.Visiting Tahiti, you should also visit the famous botanical garden “Harrison Smith” and the amazing Museum of the Ocean.

If you choose to rent a yacht you choose Tahiti, then you will be expected by uninhabited islands, paradise beaches and the best diving sites.To do this, contact with the managers of our company and your journey will take place on an individually selected route and on the best yacht.

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