Criteria for choosing a private jet

Modern passengers increasingly prefer to rent a plane rather than buying it or traveling by car. For the correct selection of the air cruiser, it is necessary to take into account a number of technical characteristics that determine its type:

  • dimensions;
  • passenger capacity;
  • flight speed;
  • the distance necessary to overcome from point A to point B;
  • additional equipment and service.

By choosing the right type of aircraft, you can significantly save money while getting the maximum comfort from traveling. For example, for a trip across the ocean, a certain type of liner is required – long-haul. But renting it to go to a neighboring country is an extra expense.

Business aviation has the following classes of aircraft:

  • light and very light – convenient for quick flight up to 7 people over short distances (up to 4,700 km);
  • medium size – suitable for overcoming the distance up to 7 thousand km, with the ability to take 12 people at a time (plus the organization of a berth from two chairs);
  • large sizes – they easily overcome 8000 km, have separate areas for cooking and rest, and are equipped with comfortable sleeping places;
  • turboprop models – can accommodate up to 8 people, flying non-stop up to 3, 5 thousand km, capable of landing in the most inaccessible places;
  • business class – combines large capacity, and can cover long distances (over 10 thousand km with a passenger capacity of up to 40 people);
  • long-haul – do not require refueling of more than 11 thousand km, transporting about 15 people at a time, having spacious lounges, equipped with modern technology.

How to avoid a mistake when choosing an aircraft

Even when you make an application, you must specify all your requirements and wishes:

  • travel destinations;
  • departure date;
  • number of passengers;
  • the need for additional services or equipment.

Companies offer several types of aircraft based on the parameters specified by the client. Next – the choice for the tenant.

What determines the choice of super jet?

Rent a large ship, as a rule, due to the need to commit transcontinental flights. This plane is suitable for business meetings, and for mass parties on board.

Comparing with the acquisition of such a means of aviation, worth from $ 30 million, the rent of several flights will cost much less. Moreover, the purchased vessel will not be able to provide at the same time the maximum arsenal of equipment for different types of trip. Renting an airplane solves this problem quickly and inexpensively.

What to consider when choosing a business jet?

To overcome the seven thousandth mileage and the composition of 10-12 people on board, the choice should definitely be stopped on large aircraft. When choosing a model, consider the following nuances:

  • rental price directly depends on the costs allocated to the maintenance of the liner;
  • flight distance;
  • comfort and reliability;
  • passenger capacity;
  • availability of beds (if necessary).

To organize the most comfortable and safe flight, you need to contact a reliable airline and accurately state your wishes. Sparks will take into account all your requirements and wishes. Contact our managers to select the appropriate option.

Information for travelers

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