Modern water activities on yachts

Many modern yachtsmen and just tourists prefer to lead an active holiday. Therefore, a number of rental vessels are equipped with massive entertainment complexes aimed at modifying relaxation:

  • boats and kayaks for spectacular water rides;
  • comprehensive diver uniform;
  • rafts, paddles, swimming boards;
  • water slides, mattresses, inflatable paraphernalia.

This is not the whole list of items that can be used on charter yachts. All this is equipped for the most diverse and active recreation during the cruise.

Time does not stand still, respectively, and equipment is improved and improved, providing the client with more and more inventive and non-standard ways of entertainment. These include:

  • Gibbs QuadSki – the water version of the ATV-jet skis;
  • Stand Up raft, equipped with an electric motor;
  • environmentally friendly, water soluble golf balls.

The development of this kind of devices are engaged in various companies that have already pleased consumers with non-standard and practical developments.

For example, QuadSki having technical characteristics of land and sea modes of transport, is a versatile means of transportation. It allows travelers to overcome the sea and enjoy looking at local attractions without changing transport.

Have you heard of golf on the water? Reveal the secret – this fun has ceased to be a wonder for experienced yachtsmen. Ecoballs or environmentally friendly balls, designed specifically for visitors to super yachts playing golf.

Guests can hit the ball at any distance without worrying about possible water pollution, because the special ball is designed in such a way that when it gets into the water, it is converted into fish food.

The most popular models of electric motor rafts are considered to be Stand Up and Power Bords. With the first successfully practice in the speed and accuracy of mooring. The second has improved technical characteristics that allow you to sail on a raft at a fairly decent distance, and even in bad weather.

The most popular modern boat for rent is Trending, 50 m. It is fully equipped with all kinds of water activities. It is often rented by families, because the complex of equipment is designed for a different age category of guests.

A large assortment, specialized for children and teenagers, will not leave indifferent the lovers of entertainment: water washers, swimming pools for swimming right at the stern of the vessel, skis and skateboards for water fun. On board there are also underwater scooters equipped with all systems to ensure the safety of children during the study of the water column.

For those who want to go fishing a boat located directly on the ship will be an excellent solution. It can be used for fishing at great depths, and for short-term swimming (up to a day).

For young people and lovers of parties, the yacht is endowed with all the necessary attributes, awnings and toys. Adherents of relaxed and measured journeys aboard have kayaks with a transparent bottom, allowing you to transform the path to the shore into an exciting exploration of the underwater world.

For those who do not imagine walking on water without exciting slides, we recommend to rent Milk Money, 39.6 m, equipped with a platform of impressive size. Traveling on this vessel allows tourists to experience incredible emotions, rolling down a slide into clear waters.

The ship La Dea II, 50 m was designed for real yachtsmen. It is equipped with the most modern equipment for fishing. On board, there is plenty of equipment for water games, and for additional entertainment there is a guided drone Phantom that allows you to shoot incredible videos from a height.

To summarize: modern yachts are equipped with the most trendy and relevant devices and tools for organizing water entertainment. Having decided on the key purpose of renting a ship, each guest can interestingly organize their free time by picking up a water giant with the appropriate equipment.

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