5 best places to order the yacht in the Bahamas

Organizing a full-scale trip on a yacht, you can not ignore the Bahamas. Pure coasts and magnificent beaches beckon with their beauty and luxury. We offer you an overview of the five priority beach places that need to be visited in the Bahamas.

1. Pink Sands Beach on Harbor Island.

By right, this beach is called the most beautiful in the whole world, calling it Pink. The sand has a purple hue, transforming its palette at sunset into rich pink tones. The beach owes this color to foraminifera, which not only “paint” grains of sand, but also heat them. For lovers of photos, this beach is ideal from all angles.

Adherents of the underwater world also have something to admire – a massive reef of a thousand corals creates a barrier of Harbor from the deep mysteries of the ocean.

2. Big Major Cay (“Pig Beach”), Exuma.

The unique coast, known as the “Beach of Pigs” attracts crowds of tourists and fans of non-standard pets. The uninhabited island of Exuma is not so deserted as it seems at first glance. 20 wild piglets live here. They do not belong to anyone, but are willing to contact with local residents and tourists.

There are a lot of versions like pigs on the island: from animals sailing from shipwreck to those that were specially raised by sailors for slaughter. In any case, you can visit the company of pigs on this beach. Those who wish to feed the animals, swim with them or sunbathe, “pennies” are willing to make up society.

3. Shroud Cay, Exuma.

From various sides of Exuma there are many islands, each of which is unique in its own way and does not look like the others. In total there are 365 of them, so you can travel around the islands every day for a whole year without ever repeating. One of them is not populated by Shroud Cay.

This site has long been part of the national natural park, securely protected by law. Perhaps that is why here you can find rare creatures: clams, lobsters, turtles and strange fish – all flora and fauna is protected by people.

For tourists, there are breathtaking views of the mangrove streams, which you can even swim in on small boats.

4. Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island.

The Blue Dean Hollow is a fair name for one of the world’s largest holes, enchanting with its depth and atmosphere. The general deepening is over 200 meters. Here is a real paradise for divers, because already at twenty-meter depth there is a wide underwater cave, surrounded by stunning boulders, covered with local wonders of nature.

A special impression is left by the cascade of a mixture of water and sand, falling into a dark water column. This place is surrounded by quiet waters, which, of course, contributes to a large flow of divers and just lovers of scuba diving with a snorkel.

5. Lighthouse Beach, Eleuthera

If you are looking for a secluded quiet resting place, dreaming of finding your own paradise, be sure to go to Lighthouse Beach. This is a place where tourists do not crowd, because it is closed from outside views and random sailing. They come here intentionally to relax in luxury and comfort.

White sand, enchanting lagoon, an island washed by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other – what could be better? The ancient lighthouse, preserved over the centuries and strange caves, will impress every tourist.

If you want to visit one of these places, or perhaps all – contact our managers for an individual tour on the best yacht in the Bahamas.

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