Tourism on the yacht

Swimming under the guidance of a guide or with a guide-diver is easy. Another thing is tourism on a yacht. This is a new way of recreation – active, interesting, unforgettable. You can go on such a trip with your family or alone, with friends or colleagues, on a boat equipped with all kinds of entertainment complexes or for solo fishing.

In any case, such a trip requires certain swimming skills and serious preliminary preparation.

Tourism on a yacht includes a number of points:

  • ship rental;
  • crew selection;
  • planning of berths in ports, the likelihood of repair and the provision of appropriate services – everything is specified in advance;
  • organization of the travel route directly;
  • creating competitive events between sailing ships;
  • providing support and participation in international competitions;
  • providing training for the acquisition of skills to manage the yacht, issuing certificates of international standard;
  • settlement of legal nuances – the collection and execution of all necessary documents required for free movement along the planned route.

TOP 5 weighty arguments in favor of tourism on a yacht

The opinion that a cruise on a yacht is available only to very rich people is hopelessly outdated. This method of travel has long been available to all categories of the population. Subdivided into types, classes and levels, every tourist will be able to choose a yacht based on his own preferences and possibilities.

Moreover, the cost of such travel is not very different from normal (if we take into account the cost of housing in hotels).

If you have the opportunity to go on a trip to the water depths, you should definitely choose on a yacht. We present to your attention five weighty arguments in favor of traveling on a ship.

Incomparable emotions.

It is important to understand that the phrase “do not enter a river twice” describes the emotions that can never be repeated more accurately, even if swimming in the same places at different times. New features and sensations – that’s what awaits you on a yacht cruise.

New acquaintances, holiday romance and fascinating adventures that are coming to survive almost in the middle of the sea.

If near a close and dear person, he, undoubtedly, will manifest itself on the other side. Penetrated by the infinity of the depths of the sea, people, at times, discover new traits and talents that amaze both those around them and the owner of their newfound skills.

Intriguing meetings and acquaintances in the ports and cities encountered along the way, can not be compared with the breezy evenings in hotels. Such a journey will help you find your true self, perhaps clinging to the culture of one of the islands or peoples that met during the tour.

Changing well-being.

Constant stay on the water will be a real test for the body, checking how much the traveler is ready for “reunion” with the sea. But those who are not lucky, and adaptation is hard, do not worry, after a couple of days the body adapts, and swimming will bring only pleasure.

The pursuit of the unknown.

Despite the fact that tourism on a yacht is popular with people of completely different fields of activity, they are all ruled by the desire to learn the unknown.The desire to look at the world from the center of the depths of the sea, knowing the most outlandish and beautiful corners of our planet, is the driving force of such travelers.

Active rest is a panacea for any depression.

On the ship does not work “lying seal” in complete inaction. Even swimming and sunbathing should be done at regular intervals, alternating activities.Sometimes you need to cook your own food or go to the port or coastal town in search of delicious outlandish dishes.

Realization of the most daring dreams.

Reading “Robinson Crusoe”, everyone in their hearts probably dreamed of finding themselves on an island forgotten by all, testing themselves for their strength and ability to unite with wildlife. Yacht tourism is the perfect embodiment of such desires, because there are so many unknown places in the world that have not been touched by industry and travel companies.

We will help you to realize any trip, on an individually selected yacht. Contact the managers of the international company Sparks to clarify all the details.

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