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Vacationers who are about to rent a boat for the first time are often interested in many of the conditions for renting yachts. There is no need to worry about this – Sparks takes the organization of charters to the fullest extent.

Nevertheless, to get acquainted with information regarding the rental of yachts, as well as the basic principles of cooperation with the skippers during the charter, you will not be useless.

What to consider when booking a skipper for travel?

Our conditions and principles

  • The customer is legally responsible for the rental yacht, as the booking is made according to the rules of Sparks company (an exception is the situation when the yacht is provided with a permanent team).
  • The skipper is obliged to be at the disposal of the customer and to provide guidance of the vessel on the route previously agreed with the client, while observing the following rules.
  • The skipper performs a full inspection of the yacht in accordance with the terms of the lease (it may be an hour before taking passengers on board or later, when the vessel is prepared by the charter team).
  • At the request of the client, the skipper may submit to the customer a personal summary, the right to operate the vessel, as well as the current insurance of its liability, which covers the amount of the insurance contribution.
  • Prior to departure, the skipper should show the customer the location of the emergency and rescue equipment and notify the client about the unsafe navigation nuances that are not excluded during the charter.
  • In the absence of technical malfunctions on the yacht and favorable weather conditions, the skipper goes to meet the client in his request to spend the night once, anchored.
  • The customer provides a separate cabin, as well as providing daily three meals a day for the skipper for the entire period of the voyage.
  • If the tenant wants to eat in the absence of the skipper, he should leave food preparation on board the vessel, or allot the amount to the skipper for food.
  • Cooking for customers and washing dishes after them in the duties of the skipper is not included. He executes orders of the customer every day from 9 am or earlier, for a period not exceeding 10 hours (other conditions may be negotiated with the skipper directly).
  • The skipper must be responsible for the performance of his duties, including billing for the services provided.
  • In the case of a client’s request to change the skipper due to non-observance of one of the above conditions, the charter company, if possible, takes measures to meet the customer’s requirements without additional payment.
  • The customer pays with the skipper before the ship departs (adding a tip is at the discretion of the client at the end of the trip).

Information about these simple conditions will ensure a comfortable and confident state of health of the client during the charter. If you have any questions or need to provide additional information – contact with our managers to clarify all the details.

Information for travelers

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