Pula – the yachting capital of northern Croatia

Croatia is considered one of the best sailing destinations, and this is not surprising – the warm and calm Adriatic Sea, lots of comfortable marinas, azure, crystal clear water, ideal microclimate and breathtaking landscapes. Pula is a city on the shores of the Istrian peninsula.

This area is tacitly considered the yachting capital of northern Croatia. There are practically no strong waves here, there is almost always clear, sunny weather, and thanks to the purest water from the side of the vessel, it is possible to see the bottom to a depth of about 5 meters.

Sparks Life invites you on an amazing sailing adventure through these stunningly beautiful, magical places.

Travel plan

Our unforgettable cruise will last for 7 days, a more detailed tour itinerary is offered to your attention.

Day 1

Our journey starts in the city of Pula – the largest settlement on the Istrian peninsula. The yacht capital of northern Croatia is nestled at the end of a deep-sea bay, making it a long-standing and safe harbor for large and small vessels. Both experienced yachtsmen and beginners who are just starting their sailing journey love to drop anchor here.

Poole Sea Gate is described in the sailing manuals as the safest and most comfortable harbor in the world. This is due to the islets that divide it into a number of basins and because of free access from the sea.

It is also worth noting a local attraction – the world-famous Roman amphitheater (Pula), in which the cultural life is in full swing. It hosts opera concerts, various events and the famous film festival.

Day 2

Today we will arrive at the island of Losinj. The local area is famous for its mild microclimate, gorgeous pine forests. This is not only a resort area, but also a sanatorium.

One of the most picturesque places on the island is Chikwat Beach. In the era of the Romans, Lošinj was called Apsorrus, there were a lot of villas and palaces. Many ancient architectural monuments of the 14-15th centuries have survived to this day.

These are ancient churches, for example, the Church of St. Martin, the town tower on Little Lošinj, and so on.

Day 3

The third day of our cruise will be dedicated to one of the islands of the Kvarner Bay archipelago, an area called Rab. It is located in the northern zone of the Adriatic Sea of ​​Croatia.

The eponymous capital of the island is famous for its own walls, whose trace goes back to the Middle Ages. Here you can also explore the churches, bell towers and palaces, rebuilt in the Romanesque style, walk the streets, skillfully laid out in stone, and admire the picturesque facades of buildings.

Right outside the city wall is Komrkar – a park of amazing beauty, where it is so pleasant to sit in the shade of spreading trees, admire nature and breathe the purest air with the scent of sea and pine resin.

Day 4

We will spend this day on one of the largest Croatian islands – Krk. This area is famous for its ancient history. In ancient times, there were a lot of settlements, on the site of which the cities of the island proudly stand now.

Not far from Krk there was a naval battle between the fleets of Pompey and Caesar. This significant event took place in the 1st century BC.

The island is famous for its own vineyards, olive plantations and beautiful landscapes of mountainous areas planted with greenery.

Day 5

Today our day will take place on the Rovinj peninsula, which is located in the northern part of Istria. The very area where this ancient city is located is very similar in shape to a drop of water. In the heart you can see the Cathedral, and from the coast we can admire a gorgeous view of a group of 22 islands. In the new part of the city, there are many beaches with small pebbles, along which it is very convenient to enter the water, then there are large stones. There are cozy little bays where you can swim very well with children. There are also several nudist beaches here.

Rovinj will delight not only lovers of ancient architectural monuments, lovers of modern recreation will be delighted with the entertainment center Monvi. This is one of the brightest and most festive places on the entire coast of Croatia. Bars, nightclub, Mexican restaurant, pizzeria and concert venue.

Day 6

On the sixth day of our cruise, we will explore Brijuni, an archipelago of 14 islands near Pula. The historical value of this area is confirmed by architectural monuments such as the Church of St. Herman, the Temple of Venus, and so on.

The Brijuni group of islands has been recognized as a nature reserve, we will enjoy crystal clear waters, gorgeous subtropics and a warm climate.

Day 7

Today our amazing cruise ends, we return to the Pula Marina, rent the yacht and head home. Sparks Life is looking forward to seeing you on our next cruises!

Frequently asked questions about yacht tours

Yes, this option is possible. In this case, you are not booking a ship, but only a separate cabin. If a sufficient minimum number of people is recruited, the tour takes place on the scheduled dates.

All boats rented by charter companies are insured, however you and all team members will need to take out travel medical insurance (for active sports)

You rent the yacht entirely for your group. You decide among yourselves who will be in which cabin. As a rule, the cabins do not differ much from each other in terms of space and comfort. If you are not booking a yacht, but a separate cabin, then you can choose from the options that are available at the moment.

Almost half of all people experience this unpleasant phenomenon to one degree or another, but luckily there are a few simple things that can help you in this situation. Here they are: Seasickness on a yacht, what to do?

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