How do I fly with private flights? TOP 10 Tips

Many travelers come across the services of commercial and private air carriers. Everyone will like flying on a private jet, since the services of such airlines are aimed at fulfilling all the wishes of customers. But the administration of the flight services company still puts forward 10 rules of correct behavior on flights.

Booking tickets, departing on a return journey on someone else’s flight for various reasons, or renting an airplane will allow you to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of private flights.
Our experts have highlighted 10 rules of conduct for passengers on private airlines. Knowing this etiquette allows you to avoid disappointment and setbacks on first contact.

10 rules for passengers who love air travel:

  • appearance requirements: normal dress code for business travel, simple, practical and light clothing for a standard flight;
  • do not advertise your trips on social networks, as well as upload photos. This rule applies to business travel. If you are invited to an event, try to enjoy the flight. Always ask permission to take and post photos on social media. In private aviation, the priority is confidentiality;
  • flight organizers are the first to board. The inviting party takes their favorite places, and then guests pass and sit down;
  • state your requirements politely. Traveling in a private jet should leave only positive memories. Ask to turn on music, serving your favorite tea, magazines;
  • aircraft personnel do not require passengers to turn off their mobile devices. Gadgets and electronic devices can be safely used on board a private jet. Wireless Internet can operate on board, so during the flight passengers can continue to work or watch their favorite TV show;
  • comply with the rules for transporting animals. Pets are allowed in the aircraft cabin, but they must have a passport and vaccinations, and the animals must be clean and well-groomed. The inviting party will not be happy if animal hair or traces of dirty paws remain on the upholstery of expensive seats;
  • communicate with pilots, resolve issues with them. The pilots are ready to welcome guests, tell and show their work. It will not be superfluous to arrange a good tip for the whole crew. This is individual for each passenger. The crew will appreciate such actions;
  • after landing, promptly leave the plane and the airport. The main idea of ​​private aviation is to minimize the time spent at the airport. If it was not possible to pre-order a transfer from the airport, the pilot can contact the dispatcher, and a taxi will arrive for you.
  • all cleanliness measures must be followed when using the toilet. A visit to the restroom is recommended before the aircraft takes off. Toilets on board may not be perfectly soundproofed, which causes a lot of inconvenience. Many passengers choose to avoid using the toilet while in flight. Some short-haul liners do not have a hygiene room;
  • things and bulky luggage should not be brought on board. In private aviation, it is not possible to carry bags into the cabin. The airport provides passenger services by ground transport. All services are included in the private jet charter service.

Our company provides services of private flights for business trips and transportation of tourists on vacation.
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