COVID 19 – Safe Rest on a Comfortable Yacht

The Sparks Life company, above all, values human life, health and safety.

The main thing for us is the protection of customers, partners and personnel at this difficult time for the whole world.

We have developed our own measures to protect against COVID 19 pandemic, based on the recommendations set out by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Here are some of the main precautions we are taking in response to the COVID 19 pandemic:

  • at the end of each working day, the most thorough disinfection of all offices and bases is carried out;
  • we offer our clients contactless payment for services;
  • all employees of the company are provided with a sufficient number of masks, gloves;
  • practicing maintaining a distance of 2 meters between staff and clients;
  • all employees regularly disinfect their hands using special products;
  • disinfection and complete disinfection of all surfaces and hulls of yachts is carried out on an ongoing basis;
  • a complete set of disinfectants is provided for each charter.
We did absolutely everything possible to minimize contacts with the company’s employees, but at the same time we provided everything necessary for a comfortable stay on the yacht.
Also, our managers strongly recommend our clients to take precautions, if they feel unwell, stay at home and plan a trip for health reasons, observing an improvement.
Choosing the Sparks Life company, you give preference not only to a comfortable and luxurious vacation, but also to perfect safety.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard our yachts!

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