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When planning an exotic trip aboard a yacht, it is important not to neglect your own safety. The expanses of the ocean are unconquered and unpredictable, therefore it is important for a person to take into account the seasonality of one or another part of the world when planning a route. Equally important is the level of qualification of the vessel’s skipper.

If the captain can take into account the peculiarities of the water area, be attentive, responsible at the same time, being able to find a way out of situations of varying complexity, then your swimming will not turn into an extreme. Taking into account all the above nuances and qualities is important even at the planning stage of a sea voyage.

When booking a yacht in advance, the final price of yachting can be several times less than when it is rented. And the cruise sailing itself will be filled with bright, memorable and positive emotions.

Yachting in the Canary Islands

In winter, the Canary Islands are the most popular for organizing and conducting civilized yachting. This is due to the presence of equipped marinas, sheltered from bad weather bays, transitions between the islands. The infrastructure of the islands includes a modern airport with well-established air links with the continent.

Due to this, the traveler can see all the sights and features of the islands in 10 days. Nature impresses with its pride and virginity. Only here you can see the volcanic beaches with black sand (Teide) and the golden dunes (Maspalomas), the Homer rainforest and the active Teide volcano with a Martian landscape around.

During the transitions between the islands, you can meet with the local inhabitants – the whale family of bottlenose, a flock of dolphins. Particularly attractive given the area of ​​the Canary Islands during the celebration of carnivals. Locals decorate and dress up in colorful outfits and take to the streets of the city in order to have plenty of fun.

Seasonal yachting: Water area will delight throughout the year, except for the period from November to January.

Azores and Madeira

This area also attracts a developed yachting infrastructure, which is represented by protected marinas, bays. The unique and special nature combined with the warm climate will delight every traveler.

In this case, the only drawback is the remoteness of the islands from the continent, so the direction did not become as popular as the Canary Islands.

Strong wind gusts inherent in this area, combined with difficult weather conditions make yachting quite difficult. Therefore, it is recommended to go out into the ocean depths exclusively accompanied by an experienced team.

Yachting in the Seychelles

The Seychelles is famous for the most exotic and colorful yachting. This is due to the absence of strong gusts of wind, and stable weather conditions.

Despite the fact that the yacht infrastructure is not sufficiently developed (there are not enough equipped marines, no marks in dangerous zones), it is possible to swim here, but for this you often have to check with the existing maps.

When staying, you may notice small problems of lack of sufficient fresh water, electricity, but these problems can be solved when booking a vessel with a generator, desalination plant or solar panel. Transitions between islands at night are strictly prohibited.

These shortcomings are fully compensated by the presence of unusually beautiful wildlife, crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean, fluffy coral sand and long snow-white beaches. The underwater world of the islands is no less diverse and attractive. Diving from a rented yacht will allow you to get to know the inhabitants of the ocean depths closer.

Leisure on the islands themselves is represented by cycling, walks through local attractions, allowing one-on-one to see with giant turtles, mangrove grove. Additionally, you can go fishing and try your luck at catching tuna, swordfish and other exotic species.

Yachting season: We recommend visiting the islands from November to April inclusive. This period is most suitable for swimming on the ocean surface. Between May and September, it is better to refuse to visit the water area due to the increased level of humidity and solar activity.

Caribbean Yachting

The Caribbean islands beckon with its beauty, which combines the wildness of wild nature and modern civilization. There are 2 developed yachting directions: wild and modern. Anyone who has ever seen pictures from a film about pirates of the Caribbean and, in particular, about the adventures of Jack Sparrow, certainly fell in love with the tropical nature of the islands.

White beaches, flamingos, lobsters and excellent cuisine – all this awaits every traveler who has laid a route through this area. Yachting itself, despite the outward attractiveness of the Caribbean islands, is quite dangerous.This is due to the territorial location of the islands, which are located in 2 lateral zones (A and B).

With a long voyage, it is important to check in time with the area of ​​the vessel. Often there are strong winds and tornadoes. When visiting the islands, you must also have a French or British visa.

Seasonal yachting: It is recommended to visit the islands from December to May, during the rest of the year the season of hurricanes and downpours begins here.

Sailing in Thailand

The sailing route is located through Malaysia across the Andaman Sea. Langkawi is an archipelago located in the northwestern part of the coast of Malaysia in the Andaman Sea. The islands of the archipelago have from all sides reliable protection from the wind, and the bay and the beaches are considered to be among the best in the world.

Langkawi is a great sailing area. Landscapes delight high cliffs, wildlife. Only here you can meet with eagles and monkeys, visit the natural sanctuary and swim in clean freshwater lakes.

The water area presupposes the presence of anchorages for ships, therefore it is important to take care of renting a yacht with a desalination plant and a generator in advance.

Seasonal yachting: It is better to visit the waters from November to April. The rest of the year the rainy season lasts here.

You can visit one of the most popular areas of southern Thailand, on the foundations of Phi Phi, by sending the sails of the ship to the south-east from Phuket. Equipped, modern marinas will be a great place to sleep.Villages with locals will delight with excellent and at the same time exotic cuisine.

Most of the islands are surrounded by coral reefs, which are full of vivid representatives of the ocean depths. In the northwestern part of Phuket are the islands of Similan. They consist of 9 different islets covered with dense tropical jungle.

In the local national park Mu Komi, the available natural resources are protected, and the territory itself allows you to feel the beauty of diving. Transitions between the islands at night are strictly prohibited.

Seasonal yachting: Dry and sunny weather here lasts from October to May. Rainy and wet – from June to October.

For the selection of the best direction, contact our managers and you will be offered the best travel option, based on your wishes and time of year.

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