Yacht selection

Ship selection options are varied and include monochules, catamarans and motor yachts. Depending on the type, they can be sailing and motor. The main requirement is the presence of 2 motors. In sailing yachts, which include monohulks and catamarans, 2 sails play the role of motor.

According to the unspoken rule, monohul is a vessel for those people who prefer wind and waves, and a catamaran and a motor-type yacht are for a calm sea surface in calm weather. If we talk about the management, then monohul and motor yacht is easier to use. And the comfort of the team and guests will be provided on board the catamaran.

Monochul is a sustainable marine vessel. This feature is achieved due to the presence of the keel. In the catamaran, this function is performed by the width between the floats, and in the motor yacht – due to the speed of movement.

In the places of stops, the prices for the moored ship will differ. They depend on overall parameters, the number of tourists, seasonality. Considered as expensive are those designed for the location of catamarans and yachts belonging to the luxury class.

To ensure comfort and safety during sea travel, it is important to examine the capacity of fresh water tanks. It is better if it is big. Alternatively, a vessel with an integrated desalination plant may be used.

In the case of electric winches, sanitary facilities and desalination plants, it is important that the ship’s equipment should include a generator or solar panels.

Almost all models of yachts are able to provide a comfortable and safe navigation. They have navigation devices, DSC radios and other safety equipment. In case of unforeseen damage, the organization (with a good reputation) will provide service assistance within 24 hours.

Decks of the yacht provide for the presence of 2-bed rooms with double beds, bathrooms, kitchen and kitchen appliances. In other words, the ship can replace a 2-room or 3-room apartment in terms of functionality, but only this “apartment” runs across the expanses of the ocean.

Check-in, Check-out procedure

When you accept or return the yacht, it is required to undergo this procedure. She needs to pay maximum attention.

When renting a yacht, it is important to know the location of life jackets, boats, generator, desalination plant, refrigerator, navigator switching rules, principles of switching water and fuel tanks, gas bottle replacement technician, etc.

In rare cases, switches on board a ship may be located in an unconventional location. It is also important to check the performance of the outboard motor, the condition of the sails. The electronics check is carried out with the electrical cable disconnected in the marina.

Chips and all sorts of damage must necessarily be fixed with attached photo-proofs. Additionally, it is worth checking the driver book, making a video of the external and internal state of the vessel.

We leave in the open swimming

After passing the check-ins of the vessel, settlement takes place in the cabins and the purchase of products. The first night should be spent on the deck of the ship in the marina. This will allow in a relaxed atmosphere to explore the device of the yacht, her life. Acclimatization and habituation to wiggling also occurs during this period. For relaxation, it is recommended to drink a glass of good wine.

In the morning, you can take up training yourself as a skipper, crew and vessel as a whole. Instructions are given, responsibilities are distributed, the weather is checked and possible changes from several sources are analyzed, a backup route is planned, audit stocks and battery charge are checked. Only then can you sail from the pier.

The main thing to remember is that the journey must first be safe. Check the maneuverability of the vessel, making the front and rear eights. Now swim towards an unforgettable adventure. Get detailed advice.

Information for travelers

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