Planning a trip on a yacht

The first independent trip on a yacht requires the obligatory presence of an appropriate level of knowledge, practical skills and experience. Documentary evidence of theoretical and practical skills will be certificates and licenses of the following formats: bareboat rights or inshore rights and license permission in the specialty of a radio operator.

This is the list of documentation that you need to submit for renting a vessel in a charter company.

Graduates who have been trained in the yachting school are advised to take additional courses on the rules of first aid and survival courses on the high seas. These activities are necessary, since the level of safety of travelers depends on the ship’s skipper.

Certificates and yacht management rights, which are quoted worldwide, and in all charter companies without exception, can be obtained by passing specialized training in yachting schools, and they must have an appropriate level of accreditation, allowing for the training of new specialists.

Sailing for beginners

If you have become the lucky one who has already completed training courses and obtained the appropriate rights and certificates, you can safely go on a sea voyage under sail. However, one desire is not enough. It is important to plan your future trip correctly and to acquire the main elements for safe swimming.

The first thing to start with is collecting a team; they are a kind of like-minded people who share with you the craving for the sea. At the same time, it is important that at least 1 person have sufficient experience of access to the open sea. If you do not have such a friend, then you can use the services of a skipper. He will act as an extra safety net during yachting.

Future route planning

In summertime, the Mediterranean is an ideal option for visiting. The best season is from May to October.

This area will be pleased with a developed infrastructure, an abundance of marines, a variety and a wide choice of ships, excellent service and marked navigation signs in the sea, showing all the existing dangers in the depths.

During the winter, the Seychelles, Caribbean and Thai Islands will be the best destination for sailing. In spite of the fact that the yacht infrastructure is at a low level of development (there are not enough equipped marines, all marks at sea warning of danger) you can swim, checking on the maps.

Water areas have problems with fresh water, so when visiting them it is worth renting a yacht with an integrated desalination unit.

To improve the existing qualification level and become a master of your craft, we recommend to go to the North Sea, the Atlantic transition or Brittany, Canary Islands. Such a trip on a yacht will take place under the supervision of a qualified skipper. Anyone who has swimming experience can sail.

In drawing up the route, it is important to consider seasonality. In total there are 5 seasons for yachting: 2 low, 2 medium and 1 high. When composing a route, it is important to study the water area, including its weather conditions, winds, anomalous phenomena, and a floating route. Additionally, it is recommended to plan parking places during swimming and places that are mandatory for cultural development.

Yacht cost

The total cost of rent depends on seasonality. The difference between price offers in low and high seasons may differ by 2 times. For this reason, it is necessary to take care of ordering a marine vessel in advance, for example, six months before the planned trip. This approach will save your own budget due to early booking.

The cost of yachts of the same class in the same season will be approximately the same. It is formed taking into account the type of vessel (monohul, motorized vessel or catamaran), the year of its production, overall size, equipment of technical and navigation value, comfort.

Choosing a ship, you should pay attention to the reputational characteristics of the charter company, the presence of its own fleet and customer service. Ships enter the charter from Saturday to Saturday, from April to October (in the Mediterranean).

If a breakdown occurs, regardless of the type, the charter organization will be obliged to provide an alternative yacht of the same class or, in the absence, to a higher class. It is not recommended to rent a vessel from private owners, because in this case there will be no place to wait for service support, even if you were able to save a lot.

An additional item of material expenses is a deposit. This is a mandatory amount of collateral (starts with a mark of 1 thousand euros), which is required to be paid when accepting a yacht. The deposit is returned to the tenant upon completion of the cruise and putting the yacht back to the company, but only if the vessel has not been subjected to all sorts of damage.

There are charter organizations that issue additional deposit insurance. It includes returnable non-returnable parts. With such insurance, the tenant is not required to leave a deposit.

It is also worth paying attention to the possible additional financial costs that are associated with cleaning, transit log, tourist tax, beds, comfort-layout. All these elements may be included in the total cost of renting a vessel, or they will have to be paid extra on the spot.

Also, costs may relate to additional options. It is not necessary to pay for them, since you yourself have the right to choose what you need and what not.

You can ask all of your questions to our specialists by contacting our company in a way convenient for you and using a convenient phone number.

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