How to become a captain

To become the owner of captain’s driving license and the title of captain, you need to undergo training in 2 courses of the school and pass the exam. Course preparation consists of 2 sections.

  1. Theoretical information about yachting. It is supposed to study the theoretical information regarding yachting, travel organization.
    The course is taught in various formats: in the office, individually, group classes, online training (communication takes place with the teacher live and is carried out by connecting via smartphone, tablet and any other device).
  2. Practical training. This direction will be a kind of unforgettable journey, in which you will be able to master the real skills of controlling the vessel. You can go swimming with your wife or even a child.
    The type of cruise travel is chosen by the student. Practical skills that will be formed during sailing include: teamwork, yacht management, mooring, orientation to the terrain, making the direction of sailing.
    The entire course is taught in such a way that it is interesting and memorable.

Regarding the exam procedure, do not worry. It is not the same when you take the exam of car driving license. Surrender happens simply and without nerves. The main condition for the issuance of our rights is the ability to safely steer the vessel and assess the existing situation. You can get a certificate right at the company’s office after a month after the cruise trip.

If necessary, rights can be sent by the postal service. Obtaining a skipper license is charged separately.

Surprisingly, the ship is as simple to drive as a car. In this case, such an occupation is much more interesting and will allow you to visit the most remote corners of our planet.

Have you long been dreaming of traveling along the sea? Do you want to make the dream of becoming a captain a reality? It’s not a problem. All you need is to get the yacht rights. Contact our experts to clarify all the details and   we will help make the dream a reality.

Information for travelers

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