Bachelor party in Europe

Bachelor party in Europe: TOP 10 best countries

Many believe that the bachelor party is a striptease and alcohol at a local bar. But what impressions will such a holiday bring, and will it be remembered at all? We suggest you organize the best bachelor party in Europe! Choose your favorite country and go on a short weekend trip.

Where can I spend a bachelor party, which for a long time will leave a mark in the memory and at the same time will be inexpensive?

Bachelor party in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

In Amsterdam, everyone will find what he likes: here and the red light district, and a variety of coffee shops, buildings of the 17th century, interesting museums – this city is known for its architectural landmarks.

The city is clean and modern. Here live open, friendly people who lead an active lifestyle and know how to occupy themselves both day and night. Vigorous crowded party with loud music, cocktails and foam gives way to a morning bike ride along local canals. In addition to sporting events, festivals are often held here.

In Amsterdam, delicious beer, in addition, you can visit the excursion to the brewery Heineken. However, there is a walk where. Amsterdam is not a small city, there are enough interesting places that will appeal to everyone.

However, in order to celebrate a bachelor party in Amsterdam, it will take a lot of money. This city is the most expensive of our top. If you do not take into account the cost of tickets and alcohol (which, by the way, is not the cheapest here), count on the fact that you will have to pay at least 500-1000 euros per person.

Bachelor party in Ibiza (Spain)

Sunny Spain is the dream of many lovers of warm sea and white sand, hot sun, great music and tanned, slim girls. The local Mediterranean climate allows you to have a party right on the beach in the best club. Ibiza is always crowded with tourists. A ticket to the club for events is better to buy prematurely.

The only thing in Ibiza is always a lot of people, and it is better to buy tickets to the clubs in advance on the Internet. For accommodation for the weekend, visiting the club, casino and various institutions will need to pay from 700 euros. The cost of tickets in both directions is paid separately.

Party in Budapest (Hungary)

Grand Budapest is famous for the best night European clubs. Here they are the largest, most beautiful and crowded. The large capital of Hungary constantly participates in any ratings and tops, taking pride of place in the list of the best places for recreation both in summer and in winter.

In Budapest, many hotels, entertainment facilities, such as clubs, bowling, water parks. Here are the best thermal baths. It is possible to spend about 400 euros per person for two days.

Bachelor party in Barcelona (Spain)

It is unlikely that anyone wants to attend museums, theaters and other sights of even the most beautiful and grandest city during a bachelor party. Great Gaudi will not impress those who want to really break away at the weekend and enjoy plenty of male company.

By the way, the Spanish city is the best beach area in the world. Best of all, of course, to visit here in summer, when the water is the warmest. But at this time there are quite a lot of tourists who also want to bask in the hot Spanish sun. At night in Barcelona there is where to unwind.

This city is in the top 50 best areas for entertainment and parties: here and clubs in the open air with foam and color music, and the most delicious alcoholic cocktails, famous DJs and just a relaxing atmosphere. Flight and visa are not included in the total cost of a bachelor party, but if you have the opportunity and desire, and you want to spend the weekend with the men’s team “with a bang” – sunny Barcelona is waiting for you.

Bachelor party in Prague (Czech Republic)

In Prague, the most delicious beer, so we put this city in our ranking of the best places for a bachelor party. In addition, prices are not high here – you can buy a lot of things without spending a large amount of money. By the way, Prague’s zoos, narrow, flowering streets in the pavement and terraces, where in the morning you can drink coffee – all this makes Prague one of the most beautiful European cities.

In any area of ​​the Czech capital you will find delicious restaurants, cafes and bars. There is quite an interesting national cuisine. Party here can hold a memorable for a long, long time. In the center are the most attractive nightclubs. By the way, only here you can dive headlong into the bathroom, which is filled to the brim with real, delicious beer.

Bachelor party in Dublin (Ireland)

The Irish capital is called the most hospitable and friendly city in the world. Here you can visit unique and historical places for entertainment.

Old, cozy pubs, where you can enjoy delicious Irish beer or ale, stylish bars, delicious restaurants with traditional cuisine, and, of course, night clubs, casinos, billiards, bowling, water parks and other entertainment facilities that will not make you bored.

By the way, in Dublin, many people like to play golf. Horse riding and national Irish dances are also quite developed here. Fishing and cycling in the Irish capital are considered traditional entertainment for both one person and the company.

Have you drunk the famous dark Guinness beer where it was made? If not, a trip to Dublin for a bachelor party is a great and reasonably budget idea. Hotels, clubs, attractions – whatever you want, can be prepared for your event. The food here is inexpensive, its a lot, and it is delicious.

Bachelor party in Krakow (Poland)

Many believe that this city is boring, and nothing new in it is not worth looking for. In order to dispel this myth, we give statistics: only one Old Town has more than 300 bars, and that is not counting those that are located in more remote areas (and there are still very, very many).

Krakow is always a lot of tourists and students. People come to study here from all over the world. A merry celebration will surely be provided for you: a variety of alcoholic beverages and plenty of entertainment will give you a wonderful mood.

Bachelor party in Riga (Latvia)

Bachelor parties are often held in Riga. There is a warm sea, cheap alcohol and beautiful girls. The party held in the capital of Latvia will forever be remembered – here you can even order a yacht. At night, you can relax in a large club with music from the best DJs, a restaurant where delicious food is served, or in a good, cozy hotel.

Beer parties in Berlin (Germany)

Germany is famous for real, tasty, lively beer. Berlin is considered one of the most multifaceted, energetic and incredibly exciting city of the Old Continent. Do you want to visit the center of electronic European music, drink German beer or attend a brewing festival? You definitely here.

The most grandiose bachelor parties with an emphasis on alcohol spend exactly here! You will enjoy a large selection of beer and other beverages, as well as snacks and a pleasant addition – live music. The capital of Germany is replete with a variety of nightclubs. Here both color music, and color show, and foam, and dances under the most popular tracks is the real incendiary bachelor party in Berlin!

Unique bachelor party in Tallinn (Estonia)

The most beautiful and famous top models of the world were born in Estonia. We recommend to visit Tallinn before the wedding in order to see all this beauty with your own eyes. Gorgeous girls – not the only thing that the capital of Estonia can boast. There are numerous bars, restaurants and cafes, which will serve a delicious cocktail, dinner and coffee.

By the way, there are very cheap entrance tickets to a nightclub, and discounts are often for girls – on some days admission is completely free. Therefore, a bachelor party in the company of Estonian beauties is an ideal option for a unique party that will be remembered for many years.

As you can see, Europe is replete with places where it is quite affordable and bright to hold a bachelor party. It is best to spend the last day of a bachelor life a few weeks before the wedding ceremony, in order to have time to recover from a grand party. By the way, many years ago it was believed that if the bride is not interested in the details of the bachelor party – this is a very good tone.

To choose a place and program for your holiday, contact our experts and we will take into account all your wishes.

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