Is traveling on a catamaran better?

A catamaran is a vessel that is also a yacht, but has 2 hulls, making the journey on a catamaran very comfortable. A sailing catamaran has much more space than a yacht, but they have the same dimensions. Each of the 2 floats of the catamaran is a seating area. Renting a catamaran is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy the cruise to the fullest and is ready for adventure.

Catamarans are cruise and sport. The first ones are designed for a long journey, they are large, have a kitchen and a shower. The second type of catamarans is sports. They are light, fast and do not even have furniture.

How is sailing on a catamaran different from sailing on a yacht?

The charter yacht company offers all types of boats for rent. When going on a cruise, think carefully about the purposes for which you need a ship. Based on whether you want to relax with your loved ones or want to go on an extreme trip, you should choose a boat for rent. Also, the choice depends on the places you want to visit and the amount you expect.
A yacht trip is suitable for those who love outdoor activities and vivid impressions.

Traveling on a catamaran is usually preferred by lovers of comfort and tranquility. If you have children, it is better to ride them on a catamaran too. Renting a sailing yacht or catamaran with Sparks Life will add atmosphere and emotion to your holiday.

The catamaran is equipped with means for communication and transmission of weather data, so during a storm this vessel can quickly get away from the wind. This function is possible with all types of catamarans, except for large cruising boats. The performance of massive catamarans, often referred to as hotels on the water, is much worse. As a rule, this is due to the desire to provide maximum comfort to tourists. There are even some weather restrictions on such ships. Due to the high profile, a large catamaran can simply be blown away by the wind.

The benefits of traveling on a catamaran

Due to some design features, using a catamaran is sometimes easier and better than booking tours on a yacht.


The catamaran does not list when sailing and can be safely located on open anchorages. Those who love adrenaline and 25º roll will not always like this condition. However, if you are looking for a relaxing holiday without fast travel, a catamaran is definitely the way to go. When traveling on a catamaran, there is practically no chance of catching seasickness or falling out of the ship.


Spacious decks, a massive cockpit, large comfortable cabins are the main advantages of catamarans. Sometimes renting a motor yacht is not relevant due to lack of space. On a catamaran, the whole company of tourists will definitely be able to find a cozy place for themselves.


Ordering a modern catamaran is a safer solution than renting a yacht – it is almost impossible to turn it over or sink due to the fact that the ballast is completely absent. Even if the catamaran is damaged, it can continue to move. If one hull is damaged, it will not affect the movement of the entire vessel.

Disadvantages of traveling on a catamaran

A yacht with a sail reacts much more actively to changes in wind direction and copes with maneuvers better, its steering is easier and more comfortable in different weather. The yachts have great visibility and are versatile in use. On the yacht you can actively relax, have a date or even hold a race. At the same time, the catamaran is designed specifically to provide comfort.

And in order to get comfortable conditions of rest and spaciousness, you will have to pay more money. Renting a catamaran is more expensive than renting a yacht. It is also necessary to take into account the cost of parking and increased fuel consumption.


When choosing a ship to travel by sea, take into account the number of people who will go on a cruise, the availability of conditions and the degree of comfort required. These are very important criteria, because on vacation the main thing is to get a lot of emotions and enjoy it so that the trip is remembered for a long time.

Sparks Life offers to rent only modern yachts and catamarans that work perfectly and will help you remember your vacation for a long time! We guarantee the best prices, quality transport and wonderful emotions.

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