Tours on a yacht: why Montenegro is so cool

Montenegro is a waterfront country on the Balkan Peninsula, adjoining Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania. Known for the excellence of its coastline, this nation is great for cruising occasions. There are many sea shores and bays encompassed by rich woodlands. The ocean is a staggering perfectly clear blue tone, novel in any event, for the Adriatic.

Montenegro is today the quickest developing cruising objective in Europe and quite possibly the most stupendous cruising destination: the sound close to Kotor has the biggest fjord in Central Europe, the mountains rule the two sides of the straight, and on the off chance that you lease a yacht in Montenegro you can see sea shores, landmarks, antiquated urban areas and civic establishments, charming fishing towns, chapels on distant islands, World War inhumane imprisonments, regal castles and significantly more.

Journey on a yacht in Montenegro

Yachting in Montenegro is a great chance to discover the country from a different perspective, because there are many interesting places and itineraries to visit.

Itineraries and places of interest that are a must to visit:

  • Tivat. This city has the largest airport, which makes it easy to get to any point in Montenegro. In addition, there are many interesting places to visit. Beautiful beaches, tourist-friendly infrastructure, the construction of one of the largest ports for yachts, Porto Montenegro is just a little something to say about this wonderful country. During the summer there are wine festivals, where you can buy this delicious drink, prepared according to old recipes.
  • Budva is considered the most popular city for yachting. There is a large port that can accommodate yachts of different sizes, as well as many accommodations for tourists. There are a large number of yacht schools in the city, where one can pass preliminary training for independent management of the yacht. In addition, after a vacation in Montenegro, travelers can easily get to the airport or train station.
  • St. Nicholas Island. This is where the famous bay of Budva is located, which will impress you with the lush nature, the ancient church and chic beaches.
  • City of Herceg Novi. It is located in the Bay of Kotor. This is the most beautiful place from which there is a magnificent view of the bay with mountain ridges and the open sea. A few kilometers is the border with Croatia, which you can visit by renting a yacht.
  • Bar is considered the most attractive city for seafaring. The port, from which ferries to Italy depart, is located here. On the coast, next to the port is the naval base of the country. Nearby are the railway station and airport. If you rent a yacht in this town you can take a cruise to Albania, Croatia or Italy on your own.
  • St. Stephen Island. This place has seen many Hollywood celebrities and has a great history.
  • Kotor. When chartering a yacht in Montenegro, the coastal city of Kotor is a must-see. Kotor is a charming city nestled between the mountains and the sea. Its old core is incredibly attractive, and the port is bustling with activity. The Bay of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the eastern Mediterranean’s largest natural harbor and Europe’s southernmost fjord. The historic town of Kotor is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its open-air museum atmosphere. It has exquisite medieval architecture, several churches, picturesque old squares, and sumptuous Venetian-style palaces and is surrounded by fortifications.

After studying all the information, we can say that Montenegro offers opportunities for everyone. History lovers will find their pleasure in the numerous ancient cities and museums. If you prefer nature, discover wild islands and numerous beaches.

Finally, the most athletic guests will enjoy the water sports offered by your rented yacht and the many opportunities for outdoor adventures. Ready to discover the many charms of Montenegro? Contact our yacht experts today and start cruising with us tomorrow!

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