Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina Circuit

This auto racing circuit is located on Yas Island near Abu Dhabi. This area has long been considered the area where Formula 1 races are held – the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The renowned designer Hermann Tilke designed the Yas Marina Circuit, which is considered the second-highest in the Middle East. When viewed from above, the racing road looks like a pistol. This highway has the following features.

The movement is counterclockwise.

This fact makes it much more difficult for racers to drive.
Yas Marina was created on the basis of combining high-speed and city highways.
This track has an impressive number of moderate-speed corners, which is more typical of urban racing roads. Its total length is approximately 5.5 km. There are two direct acceleration zones here. The departure area of ​​the main straight section is located directly in front of the spectator stands, which in turn brings even more emotion and entertainment to this event.
In theory, the fastest speed that can be achieved on straight sections of the road is 320 kilometers per hour. Among other things, it is possible to divide the highway into two separate zones and hold two competitions at the same time.

Yas Marina has the most comfortable grandstands in the world.

No track, other than Yas Marina Circuit, boasts air-conditioned seating. The stands are able to accommodate over 50,000 people. There are 5 spectator sectors here, it is also possible to follow the event from anchored ships and from the windows of the five-star Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi hotel, which is located right on the track.

The exit to the highway is through a tunnel.

Since the ride is carried out counterclockwise, the exit to the road is carried out through a special corridor so that the cars leaving the boxes do not fall into the trajectory of the racing movement.
The most powerful light installations are located on the track.
Due to the fact that the races start in the morning and finish when it got dark, there are light installations of enormous power along the entire length of the Yas Marina Circuit. They are able to completely copy daylight, and the transition from natural to artificial lighting is carried out in stages.
In addition to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Yas Marina also hosts other auto racing events. On the highway square there is a Drag Racing Center, a riding school, a karting center and a recreation area. The latter contains a café, a gift shop and an impressive conference room. Guided tours are organized along the Yas Marina Circuit.

Details of the event and its cost

At the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race, Yas Marina has 55 laps, the duration of each of them is 5,554 m.The total length of the race is 305,407 m.The event is scheduled to take place on November 26, 2020.


A unique package, worth $ 1400, valid for three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) contains:
  • spectator seats in the individual area on the outer loggia of the second level, on the main or western stand;
  • access to a zone of increased comfort equipped with air conditioning and huge TV panels;
  • soft drinks all day long;
  • hot and cold snacks in buffet style throughout the day;
  • free parking (for this service you need to buy at least 3 tickets);
  • paid alcohol in the bar;
  • walk through the pit lane (Thursday).


A unique package worth $ 1430 valid for three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) contains:
  • spectator seats in the individual area on the external loggia of the third level, on the western or main grandstand;
  • admission to the superior comfort zone equipped with air conditioning and huge TV panels;
  • non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day;
  • paid alcohol;
  • hot and cold snacks in buffet style throughout the day;
  • walk in the pit lane (Thursday);
  • free parking (this service requires redeeming at least 3 tickets).

Club ticket to North, West or South stands

In addition to a podium pass, by paying only $ 900, within three days you will receive a unique admission to the increased hospitality zone. There you will be offered a variety of snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You can also get to the South Club, where the most luxurious ships in the world will be anchored during the race.
So what is a VIP hospitality membership? This ticket allows access to separate stands, from which the view of the racing strip is much better than from other places. There is an area of ​​increased hospitality nearby, which can only be entered by VIP guests. Here you can taste exclusive dishes, drink soft drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and continue watching car races on a smart TV.
However, at each stage, the hospitality service may differ. There are auto races without this service, only VIP seats.

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