Luxury cruises from Sparks Life company on 6 * liners

The Sparks Life company invites you on great tours, cruises on luxury ships of the 6 * level. We offer our guests the very best premium services. On board our ships you will be provided with the highest level of service, food, free soft drinks and wines, as well as light massages and impeccable sets of toiletries. Each of our clients can have dinner at any time, if desired, it is possible to order meals in the cabin.

Only on “Sparks Life” cruises you will receive the following benefits:
  • chic and spacious cabins with incredible ocean views;
  • many places on board for relaxation, communication and entertainment;
  • at the stern there is a retractable platform that can be used as a berth, it transforms the liner into an almost full-fledged beach resort.

In addition to impeccable service and the highest level of comfort, our company offers you a wide range of vessels. Liners Encore and Odyssey are among the most popular among our guests. Each of them is great in its own way. Below you can see the detailed characteristics of these ships.

Liner Seabourn Encore

This liner can be called the personification of a new generation of small cruise ships. It was built in 2016. The ship’s design was carefully worked out by the outstanding master of the hotel business – Adam D. Tihany. This professional is widely known for his personal approach to each project. Thanks to this, the design of the liner is thought out to the smallest detail and is able to satisfy the needs of even the most discerning passengers.

The Encore is ideal for long voyages and voyages even to the most secluded corners of the globe. The ship contains 10 decks, 302 cabins and can accommodate 604 guests. Its maximum speed is 20 knots. The interior and exterior of the vessel are unique, there is no other such vessel.

Ship infrastructure

On board the ship there are:
  • a theater in which comedy performances, musicals are staged, famous artists perform;
  • a lounge club where you can chat, listen to music or dance; there is also a bar with signature cocktails (from here you can go to the terrace with fountains, a swimming pool and a jacuzzi);
  • a card room where you can play poker, bridge, board games, and more;
  • casino with poker, slot machines and so on.

In addition, the ship has a gym and one of the best spa centers on the planet, Dr. Andrew Weil. There are also designer outlets on board so you can shop without leaving the boat.

On the upper deck is a retreat area with a jacuzzi, sun loungers, bar, snacks and fourteen tents. Here you can relax and sunbathe. In addition, there is a special playground where you can play the favorite pastimes of aristocrats – golf and shuffleboard. Every day you will be invited to take part in traditional English teas.
Also on this liner you can devote time to water sports directly on board. There is a site with the necessary equipment, where during parking you can go surfing, water skiing, diving and so on.

Bars, restaurants and cafes of the liner

The following gastronomic establishments are on board:
  • the main restaurant, where all meals are held, it is possible to seat at tables from two to eight people;
  • The Colonnade – in the morning and at lunchtime you can taste delicious dishes served according to the “buffet” system, the evening meal, as a rule, is devoted to a specific theme;
  • Patio – in this restaurant you can enjoy the natural flavors of grilled products;
  • Patio-Bar – in this bar located by the pool, a wide range of wines, soft drinks, cocktails and more.
In addition, there are on board: a cozy coffee shop, which serves delicious sandwiches and desserts, a sushi restaurant for admirers of oriental cuisine.

The renowned chef, Michelin-starred Thomas Keller is the à la carte consultant for all of the ship’s gastronomic establishments. Our ship has his signature restaurant “Grill”. And at the Observation Bar you can taste the signature cocktails of the world famous master of bartender Brian Von Flandern’s, and get real pleasure from contemplating the panoramic landscapes.

The list of privileges received by the guests of the “Sparks Life” company

On board the Encore liner, all passengers receive the following benefits:
  • round-the-clock service in cabins;
  • complimentary bottle of champagne upon boarding;
  • butler service;
  • designer toilet accessories;
  • stationery supplies;
  • mini-bar replenished every day;
  • an umbrella that protects from the sun’s rays;
  • daily newspaper and plan of events, events on the ship.
Guests traveling in Wintergarden Cabins, Owner Suites, Grand Signature, Signature Suites have free Internet access.

Liner Seabourn Odyssey

This vessel, launched in 2010, looks more like a yacht due to its compact size. The liner contains 9 decks, 225 cabins and is able to accommodate 450 guests. The main characteristics of the ship are the highest level of service, comfort and food, as well as the grandiose opportunities for rest and relaxation that open up for its passengers.
You will be impressed by the skills and professionalism of the liner’s chefs, each dish of which can be ranked among the masterpieces of world cuisine. Your taste buds will be delighted with a variety of cuisines, from avant-garde to traditional.

What awaits our guests on board the ship?

A vacation on board this ship will make all your dreams come true and even a little more. Here, every guest will find something to their liking. If you are a lover of outdoor activities, there is a special built-in marina at your service. It is equipped with everything you need to go diving, windsurfing, kayaking or water skiing.
If you prefer a calm, relaxing holiday by the pool with an interesting book in your hands, the Odyssey liner is the best place where you can relax with interesting reading and cocktail, occasionally admiring the stunning scenery.
Enjoy the stunning views of the fjords at a leisurely pace while the steward serves champagne and gourmet snacks for you. There are enough interesting places and entertainment on the liner for guests to spend a wonderful day without ever stepping on land while staying in the port.
Also, passengers of the ship can order a personal program for the whole day with visits to attractions and exciting excursions on the shore. In addition, there is a SPA center and a gym on board the ship to keep fit during the voyage.
Live music is played in one of the ship’s six bars in the evenings. There are casinos and shops on board. Broadway-themed parties are organized. It is also possible to learn to dance or demonstrate to others your own ability to move perfectly.
Weather permitting, on the beach, we organize unforgettable parties and treat guests with delicious seafood on the grill or organize open-air movie screenings in the evening. Alternatively, you can sip on a fine 25-year-old whiskey on the upper deck to enjoy the picturesque starry sky.

The best cruises on the Seabourn Encore

Sparks Life invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey through Europe on this luxury ship. The tour lasts three weeks.

Route – fresh shades of the amazing Mediterranean

Day     Date                         Port                                        Arrival                                              Departure
1        12.08, Sun             Athens (Piraeus) Greece                                                                     17:00
2        13.08, Mon            Monemvasia,  Greece             08:00                                                    17:00
3        14.08, Tue             Katakolon, Greece                   08:00                                                   18:00
4        15.08, Wed            Sivota, Greece                         08:00                                                   17:00
5        16.08, Thu             Brindisi, Italy                             08:00                                                   18:00
6        17.08, Fri               Dubrovnik, Croatia                    08:00                                                   22:00
7        18.08, Sat              Primosten, Croatia                    08:00                                                  16:00
8        19.08, Sun             Venice, Italy                               07:00                                                  17:00
9        20.08, Mon            Sibenik, Croatia                        10:00                                                    18:00
10      21.08, Tue             Mississippi, USA
11      21.08, Tue             Kotor, Montenegro                     08:00                                                    15:00
12      22.08, Wed            Corfu, Greece                            08:00                                                    23:00
13      23.08, Thu             Nidri, Greece                             08:00                                                     17:00
14      24.08, Fri               Gythion, Greece                        08:00                                                     17:00
15      25.08, Sat              Nafplio, Greece                         08:00                                                     17:00
16      26.08, Sun             Athens (Piraeus), Greece         07:00                                                     17:00
17      27.08 Mon             Giardini, Naxos, Italy                 08:00                                                     17:00
18      28.08, Tu               Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece 08:00                                                      18:00
19      29.08, Wed           Marmaris, Turkey                      08:00                                                      17:00
20      30.08, Thu            Kusadasi, Turkey                      07:00                                                       23:00
21      31.08 Fri               Mykonos, Greece                      08:00                                                      18:00
22      01.09 Sat              Bozcaada, Turkey                      08:00                                                      17:00
23      02.09, Sun            Istanbul, Turkey                          07:00
The cost of a suite is from $ 30,738 for a double cabin (the price is indicated with port taxes).
Route – the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean
Day       Date                  Port                                              Arrival                                               Departure
1         16.09, Sun     Civitavecchia, Rome, Italy                                                                            18:00
2         17.09, Mon    Amalfi, Italy                                        08:00                                                  17:00
3         18.09, Tue     Syracuse, Italy                                   10:00                                                  19:00
4         19.09, Wed    Croton, Italy                                       08:00                                                  17:00
5         20.09, Thu     Corfu, Greece                                    08:00                                                  18:00
6         21.09, Fri       Katakolon, Greece                             08:00                                                  17:00
7         22.09, Sat      Nafplio, Greece                                 10:00                                                   19:00
8         23.09, Sun     Athens (Piraeus), Greece                  07:00                                                   17:00
9         24.09, Mon    Giardini, Naxos, Italy                          08:00                                                   17:00
10      25.09, Tue      Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece          08:00                                                   18:00
11      26.09, Wed     Marmaris, Turkey                               08:00                                                   17:00
12      27.09, Thu      Kusadasi, Turkey                               07:00                                                    23:00
13      28.09, Fri        Mykonos, Greece                              08:00                                                    18:00
14      29.09, Sat      Bozcaada, Turkey                              08:00                                                    17:00
15      30.09, Sun     Istanbul, Turkey                                 07:00                                                     17:00
16      01.10, Mon    Lemnos, Nasos Lemnos, Greece      09:00                                                     17:00
17      02.10, Tue     Cesme, Turkey                                  08:00                                                     18:00
18      03.10, Wed    Bodrum, Turkey                                08:00                                                     23:00
19      04.10, Thu     Rhodes, Greece                               08:00                                                     18:00
20      05.10, Fri       Santorini, Greece                             08:00                                                      17:00
21      06.10, Sat      Spetzai, Greece                               08:00                                                      17:00
22      07.10, Sun     Athens (Piraeus), Greece                 07:00

Unforgettable cruises on the Seabourn Odyssey

A three-week trip on this boat will give you a sea of amazing impressions and unforgettable emotions.

Route – the chic monisto of the Mediterranean

Day      Date                       Port                                         Arrival                                             Departure
1          05.08, Sun           Barcelona, ​​Spain                                                                                  17:00
2          06.08, Mon          Valencia, Spain                          08:00                                                  18:00
3          07.08 Tue            At sea
4          08.08, Wed         Tangier, Morocco                        08:00                                                   18:00
5          09.08, Thu          Cadiz, Spain                               08:00                                                   23:00
6          10.08, Fri            Portimao, Portugal                     08:00                                                   18:00
7          11.08, Sat           Gibraltar, UK                              10:00                                                    23:00
8          12.08, Sun          Malaga, Spain                           08:00                                                    18:00
9          13.08, Mon         Cartagena, Spain                      10:00                                                     18:00
10        14.08, Tue          Ibiza, Spain                               08:00                                                     18:00
11        15.08, Wed         Barcelona, ​​Spain                      07:00                                                     17:00
12        16.08, Thu          Palma de Mallorca, Spain        08:00                                                      23:00
13        17.08, Fri            Citadel, Spain                           08:00                                                      17:00
14        18.08, Sat           Torres Strait
15        19.08, Sun          Saint-Tropez, France               08:00                                                      17:00
16        20.08, Mon         Set, France                              08:00                                                       23:00
17        21.08, Tue           La Juliet, France                     08:00                                                       18:00
18        22.08, Wed          L’Ile-Rose, Corsica, France    08:00                                                       17:00
19        23.08, Thu           Livorno, Italy                           07:00                                                        19:00
20        24.08, Fri             Santa Margarita, Italy             07:00                                                        16:00
21        25.08 Sat             Civitavecchia, Rome, Italy      07:00
The cost of a suite is from $ 25,862 for a double cabin (the price is indicated with port taxes).

Additional likely dates for the tour:

September 4, 2020 – from $ 25,862 for a double cabin.
October 4, 2020 – from $ 24,862 for a double cabin.
The cost of each selected trip on the ships Encore and Odyssey includes:
  • accommodation in the category of the cabin specified by the guest;
  • meals in the main restaurants of the ship: breakfasts and lunches according to the “buffet” scheme, dinners in the restaurant (menu to order);
  • daily cabin cleaning;
  • visiting the gym, sports. competitions;
  • daytime and evening entertainment programs.


What should you pay extra for:

  • honey. insurance;
  • flight by air;
  • delivery by transfer along the travel route;
  • excursions in ports of parking;
  • SPA treatments, massage, sauna;
  • tip – about $ 10 per person per night.

Detailed information

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Information for travelers

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