Travel to Botswana – Wild Safari

The Sparks Life company has embodied in this journey everything that can appeal to true connoisseurs of wildlife. On a safari, you can admire the picturesque landscapes, take amazing photos and get acquainted with the breathtaking flora and fauna of the South African Republic of Botswana.

Travel program

Our exciting adventure will last 7 days.

Day 1

After a short 15-minute charter flight, you will be transferred from Maun Airport to Stanley’s Camp. Upon arrival, you will be accommodated in a tent camp, which is located between ebony and sausage trees. It is located in a semicircle format directly on the border of the Moremi Nature Reserve.
This area is considered one of the best for observing the world of fauna. Together with ordinary representatives of the plain fauna, you will meet hippos, lions, elephants, cheetahs and others.
We will spend the afternoon on a safari. You will get amazing impressions and indescribable emotions from this action. You will observe the behavior of animals in the wild from the fabulous moments of the evening dawn to the absolute serenity of the African plain at night. Stanley’s Camp is one of the few places where night safari trips are possible.

Day 2

This day will be marked by a very pleasant and meaningful event that will not leave anyone indifferent. Mandatory reservation is assumed for this event. You will be invited to a meeting with the elephants. In the process of this event, you will not only learn a lot of new facts from the life of these amazingly gentle and delicate giants, but you can even touch them.
This excursion ends with an unusually temperamental picnic filled with positive emotions in the savannah. The next half of the day, our guests will have a siesta. Relax in your own chic rooms while enjoying an afternoon nap.
If you wish, you can take a walking promenade through the savannah in the company of an armed aboriginal. After the siesta, you will find a land or water safari. In the second case, you will set off on a punt carved from a wooden trunk, called a mokoro.

Day 3

In the morning we will go on safari again, then, after a delicious breakfast, the transfer will take us to the take-off site. Here we will be picked up by an air transfer, and in a short period of time will move the guests to the Nxabega Okavango Camp. In translation, the name of this camp sounds like “the place of the giraffe.” It covers an area of ​​700 hectares. The camp is renowned for its own breathtaking scenery at the mouth of the Okavango River. The afternoon will be devoted to a local safari.

Day 4

Early in the morning we will leave for a safari again to explore in more detail the local flora and fauna. Then we will have breakfast and relax by swimming in the pool.
After lunch, you will be invited to hike through the amazingly beautiful area. During the promenade, a local ranger will tell us about the habitat of smaller representatives of the animal world, which is not always possible to look at from the window of a vehicle. Then we will have a land or water safari.

Day 5

In the morning we will go on a safari again, then a delicious breakfast awaits us, after which we will move to the take-off site, from where we will be picked up by an air transfer. Now we are on our way to the Chief’s Camp. It is located in the Mambo area, famous as South African “capital of predators”. This area is located in the northwest of Chief’s Island in the Moremi Game Reserve.
Many tourists claim that the local safari is one of the most exciting and interesting. A large concentration of predators and large plains fauna provides travelers with great chances to see the hunting of animals with their own eyes. It is also possible to see deadly battles for territory between individuals of the same species.
In the afternoon we will again go on a land or water safari.

Day 6

In the morning we will go on a safari again and observe the most interesting world of flora and fauna of this magical area.

Day 7

This morning we will go on a safari for the last time, then we will have breakfast and an air transfer will promptly take us to Maun airport. This is the end of the exciting journey. If you wish, you can continue your stay in this amazing country. Perhaps a visit to Victoria Falls or a trip to Zanzibar or Madagascar.
Ask the managers of the company about the cost of the trip.
Sparks Life is looking forward to seeing you again!

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