Corporate yachting – team rest

Spending time with the work team sets completely different goals for colleagues: to learn new skills, to unite people with similar interests, to raise the level of development, or just to have a good time. Sparks offers a completely new type of corporate vacation that combines all of the above. This is corporate yachting!

What is it? Why do you remember the light spray, the gentle sun and the warm south wind from the mere mention of this term? Anyone who has rested in this way at least once will never forget the feeling of endless sea spaces, flying over the waves and the feeling of endless happiness from this exciting adventure. How does this fit in with corporate events, you may ask? To this we will answer you – you can’t imagine better!

Corporate yachting is a great opportunity for a company to combine multiple goals in one event. An environment free from work formalities, informal clothing is a great alternative to learn new skills, learn something interesting. During such a rest, the team will relax, free itself from conventions and at the same time will be able to actively accumulate energy in order to further reveal its own potential. Let’s take a look at all types of corporate yachting.

Corporate yachting: varieties

Team building in the form of a sailing competition

What is team building? This is a joint work of a team, during which each of the participants thoroughly fulfills the task assigned to him. Together, all these team actions serve as a tool to achieve a specific goal. What does this have to do with sailing? Competition or regatta! The corporate spirit on board is created in a matter of moments.

There is literally nowhere to go from the ship. Here, each member of the team is assigned a specific task, which must be completed by 110% to win. After lightning-fast transitions, during which the deck sways underfoot, and salty splashes fall on the faces, the team will fully experience what a “team” is, and the spirit of healthy competition will significantly increase.

The sailing regatta is a long-term competition with a remarkable quality: to fully reveal the strategic potential of the team.

Business negotiations

When your business plan involves lengthy business negotiations, which are not enough for a few hours, the yacht is the very place where all participants will be as positive as possible. Moreover, it does not matter with whom an important conversation is being conducted, be it current or future partners or clients, the whole environment on the ship carries the atmosphere of “its own circle”. There is plenty of time here to attract you to your own side, negotiate and achieve positive results in negotiations.

Seminars and trainings on the road

“Yacht-week” is an excellent method of carrying out any kind of seminars, trainings and other educational events for a company. Today, sophisticated top salespeople, program developers and regional executives are hard to impress even with a meeting at headquarters in London or Paris.

Yacht weekend is a completely new way of teaching team. Seven days of cruising, relaxation and fun on the sea horizons are perfectly combined with the educational process. A sea tour will only contribute to an even greater desire to learn new things and gain professional skills in a great company.

Collective rest with employees and partners

Probably every company sooner or later faced a lack of motivation. Every year executives, recruiters and sales teams work hard to figure out how to motivate their workforce and partners. Sparks recommends: Best Workers – Super Relaxation! A mini-fleet of yachts is a mega cool motivation for which employees and partners will be ready to turn the whole world. Encourage top employees to strive for even better results, and encourage others to persevere in leadership.

Festive events

Celebrate a significant date of your company, the director’s birthday, hold a party – all this can be done on a yacht. Invite colleagues and partners to the deck and be sure that absolutely all guests will remember this event for a long time. This holiday will not only unite, but also delight, amuse, give a feeling of happiness and, of course, a sea of ​​joy.

Advantages of corporate yachting

A great incentive for the team

Be extraordinary, stand out from the crowd. A team event in the form of a sailing trip has a lot of differences from other methods of motivation. It is a feeling of absolute happiness that allows your team members to understand that they are the most important building blocks of the company. Corporate sailing is a great way to motivate colleagues to strive for the most stunning heights.


Increase your own rating so that your business partners will appreciate the level of the event at the highest level. Agree that not every organizer is able to hold a meeting in such an interesting and exciting format. In addition, sailing on a yacht does not imply any special skills from any of the participants. You can relax on deck, enjoying the sea views, or, if you wish, practice steering the boat.


An order of magnitude better results. The parameters of the regatta stimulate professional growth and the achievement of the best performance in its participants. Competitions also contribute to greater team unity and cohesion. Actually, this is the main task of team building.


The team regatta will provide an opportunity to determine the strongest players of the team, employees with the most pronounced leadership qualities, which, in turn, will optimize the work of the company. The spirit of competition will give a strong impetus to the disclosure of their own internal reserve and awaken healthy competition in the ranks of employees.

Also, the regatta is a unique experience for the team to be able to negotiate in unusual, even somewhere extreme conditions, as a result of which the company’s KPI indicators will certainly increase.

Information for travelers

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