Yacht trip from Budva (Montenegro)

Budva – Bar – Petrovac – Sveti Stefan – Mamula island – Tivat – Kotor – Herceg Novi – Budva

About Route: Seven-day yacht trip from Budva across Montenegro.

Distance: 97 miles.

The coast of Montenegro is perfectly blown by all winds from the sea side. Its length is approximately 60 nautical miles with 14 small islands. From the border with Albania, the coast stretches to the northwest of Croatia. In calm weather, you can drop anchor in many parts of the coastal zone. But in bad weather, shelter is available only in the marinas, which are located in Budva and Bar.

Bay of Kotor is one of the most picturesque sailing destinations in Montenegro. This is the largest bay of the Adriatic Sea, connected with it by a narrow passage and ringed by mountain ranges. The Bay of Kotor includes several bays of amazing beauty; it has a length of more than 10 miles along the mainland.

On the coast along the bay there are ancient cities: Hercekh Novi, Tivat, Kotor. Montenegro, as this amazing country is called in the Italian manner, is the smallest in area and practically the youngest European state. For many centuries, the inhabitants of this country have fought for independence. The entire history of the state is tightly connected with the war, it has been under someone’s oppression all the time.

Only recently has peace and tranquility finally reigned here. The history of the country as a Slavic state dates back to the Middle Ages. It was in this era that the lands began to be populated by the Slavs, before this area was the site of primitive people. At the dawn of the 7th century, the state of the Slavs called Duklya was founded here. It was incorporated into the Byzantine Empire.

Montenegro acquired its real name in the middle of the 15th century, under the patronage of Venice. This country became the first on the Balkan Peninsula to gain independence from the Ottoman Empire.

Day 1.

The city of Budva, where our yacht trip starts, can be called one of the most ancient settlements on the Adriatic coast. Legend has it that the city was founded by Cadmus of the Phoenicians, who was expelled from Greece, and he found his refuge here with his wife Harmonia. The old town, which sits on a prominently prominent peninsula, is a territory of classical architecture in Venice and the Mediterranean. It is surrounded by an imposing wall, and the thin streets seem to pass through the settlement. After a terrible earthquake in 1979, the city was completely revived by 1987.

Marina Dukley

This marina is located next to the walls of the Old Town, on its shore.


from Tivat airport – 20 kilometers;
from the airport Podgorica – 65 kilometers;
from Dubrovnik airport – 75 kilometers.
If you arrive in Tivat, the easiest way is to order a taxi. The journey will take about 20 minutes, the cost of transport is about 20 EUR. In addition, private shuttles run from the bus station near this airport (2 kilometers on foot) to Budva. Ticket price – 4 EUR, transport runs 2-3 times a day.
Marina Dukley has 300 yacht berths, including super-yachts up to 70 meters in length. The depth of the marina is from 1 to 5 meters. There are communications here: electricity, water, shower, bathrooms. There is a supermarket a 10-minute walk away.
Passage to Bar, duration – 15 miles
Stop at Queen’s Beach.
This bay is located on the side of New Bar, and it is possible to get here only by sea. There is an untouched beach, however, there is everything you need: toilets, showers, sun loungers with umbrellas.
The previous name of Bar is Antibarium, as the Italian Bari is located right in front of it. Now there are as many as three settlements with the root “bar”: the previously mentioned Italian Bari, the Old Bar from Montenegro, in which all the ancient historical monuments are located, and Bar – a famous resting place.
During the reign of the Ottoman Empire, many architectural masterpieces appeared in the Old Bar: an aqueduct, a chapel, a mosque. The settlement is full of abandoned buildings. They completely drowned in the thickets, but they survived perfectly to this day. The city is full of fruit and olive trees. The beach area is located in Novy Bar.

Day 2.

Trek to Petrovac, duration – 10 miles
Stop at the bay.
This small resort town sits on a beautiful horseshoe-shaped bay. The beaches of Petrovac are distinguished by amazing reddish sand. Berths for yachts and fishing vessels are located at the quay “in the tail” of the embankment. The attractions include a couple of small islands: Katic, which houses a lighthouse, and Holy Week, where you can ring the bell. Also on the last islet there is an old church bearing the same name. According to legend, she protects the local sailors.
Trekking to Sveti Stefan, duration – 5 miles
Stop at the bay.
This city was founded in the distant 15th century. It was then that the Pashtrovichi tribe stopped on a rocky island near the coast in order to divide the booty. After some time, houses were erected for each of the 12 communities of the tribe. A fortress and a church were also built in honor of the protector of the tribe St. Stephen. The first half of the 19th century was considered the highest point of the fortress’s greatness and economic growth. However, this state of affairs did not last long, and already at the dawn of the 20th century, all power suddenly began to decline. This forced the inhabitants to leave this land: in 1954, only 20 people lived there. Around this same time, a team of architects and artists began restoring abandoned buildings, slowly transforming the area into an exclusive hotel city. The reconstruction was carried out at the highest level, due to which the facades of the buildings have the same appearance, but the interior decoration and the richest decoration turned them into luxurious apartments.
In the early 90s of the last century, when Yugoslavia collapsed, the resort was temporarily deserted, but at the end of the 2000s of the 21st millennium, the operator of elite hotels Aman Resorts signed a lease agreement for Sveti Stefan for a period of 30 years. Now only clients of this resort can visit it. The rest of the travelers only have to enjoy the most beautiful views of the city-hotel from the sea.

Day 3.

Trekking to Mamula Island, duration – 17 miles
Stop at the bay.
The area of ​​the island is quite small, no more than 200 meters in diameter. However, it is appreciated for its comfortable accommodation, right at the entrance to the bay. It seems as if he is locking him up. This was duly appreciated by the military, who built a defensive fortress here. It was built in the middle of the 19th century by General Lazar Mamula. At that time he was a protege of the vassal of the Kingdom of Dalmatia. During the two world wars, the fort served as a prison. Now the Mamula fortress is one of the best preserved large Austrian defensive structures of the Adriatic.

Day 4.

Trek to Tivat, length – 10 miles
This ancient city was founded in the 3rd century BC. It is believed that it got its name from the name of the Illyrian queen Teuta. The settlement is located in the beautiful Bay of Kotor on the Vrmac Peninsula.
Fragments of churches and architectural monuments of the Illyrian, Byzantine and Roman eras have survived to our time.
Located directly at the entrance to the Boka Kotorska Bay, the city is called the gate. In contrast to the rest of the settlements, there is no old city here, but here is what has been preserved from the heritage of the greatest states. These artifacts can be viewed by visiting the Maritime Museum. Opposite it is a gigantic submarine “Hero”, in which excursions are held.
Marina Montenegro is a collection of hotels, restaurants, shops, sports fields, art galleries and more. This city is mostly intended for yachtsmen, it has everything for a comfortable life and relaxation. There is no such complex on the territory of the Adriatic anymore.

Day 5.

Trekking to Kotor, length – 5 miles
Stop at the bay or at the city pier.
The oldest city named Kotor is more than 2,000 years old. Throughout the entire period of its existence, it was the most important port and commercial center of the Adriatic. Located on the shores of the Bay of Kotor, this beautiful city has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Churches, fountains, towers and buildings in which the richest people of Kotor lived are located behind the fortress wall of the settlement.
We can say that the entire city is a huge museum, exhibits of which are displayed right on the street. The main “gem” of Kotor is the Church of the Holy Mother of God, erected in the 17th century to save the inhabitants from the plague.

Day 6.

Herceg Novi crossing, duration – 12 miles
This city boasts the most abundant vegetation. This happened thanks to the sailors who lived here earlier, who competed for the best exotic plant brought from the voyage. Therefore, Herceg Novi is more like a botanical reserve, which is simply buried in greenery. Here you can see: eucalyptus, tangerines, oleanders, cactus varieties and other plants.
In addition, this settlement is known as the “city of a thousand steps” due to the abundance of steep paths and stairs. You will have to climb to each attraction. The Sakhat-Kula chapel is considered to be the visit card of the city.

Day 7.

Trekking to Marina Dukley, length – 18 miles
Our exciting journey ends today. We hope you will remember this wonderful adventure for a long time. Sparks is looking forward to meeting you again!

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